11 DIY Furniture Wood Pallets That Increase Backyard Functionality

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DIY Furniture Wood Pallets That Increase Backyard Functionality

There are some furniture wood pallets to make to increase the backyard functionality. In fact, some of the DIY projects are easy to make. Creating furniture from pallet needs a careful measurement, perfect cutting, and proper finish. In addition, pallets are the perfect material to create functional backyard furniture because they are inexpensive and solid enough.
A functional backyard means that the area should support the owner’s needs. If you want to create a relaxing backyard, adding some cozy chairs with a popcorn stand is what you can do. An entertaining backyard means that it should be the best place for adults and kids to play. You can make something like a pallet bar or a pallet playhouse.
Wooden pallets can be repurposed in so many ways. Garden tables, swing beds, fences, chairs or benches are just a few of the options. Pallets are perfect for creating a lounge area on the balcony or on your backyard patio. You don’t even have to dismantle them! They need just a little modification. After sanding and painting, just add mattresses and cushions on it for more comfort. Here are some easy and cheap projects to turn shipping pallets into unique garden furniture.

1. DIY Colorful Wooden Bar For Festive Entertaining

DIY Colorful Wooden Bar For Festive Entertaining
This Brilliant ideas. You can make this colorful wooden bar for festive entertaining now. follow Source: homedit.com

2. Elegant Modern Wooden Furniture

Elegant Modern Wooden Furniture
This upcycled wooden pallet chair gives a rustic feel while creating a completely modern furniture space. Homemade garden furniture from pallets will no doubt become the new trend as more and more people are realizing the possibilities with these materials. The fact that most of the materials to create this style of furniture is either recycled or cheaply purchased is even better.

3. Awesome Wooden Garden Set Ideas

DIY Recycled Pallet Garden Furniture
This no-cost plan will really make you garden a throughout functionality by providing the chic sitting place.

4. Cool Pallet Patio Set

Cool Pallet Patio Set
Here’s an outdoor pallet furniture set that comes with two chairs and one table. These custom-able outdoor furniture sets would add a cute addition to any outdoor garden setup. The chairs would be perfect for lounging around during a warm summer evening or even cuddling up to look at the stars at night. This is also a great way to recycle any old wood lying around. Source

5. DIY Awesome Garden Furniture Set

DIY Awesome Garden Furniture Set
The possibilities are endless with wooden pallets! With two to three pallets, you could easily make a whole set of interesting backyard furniture that definitely won’t break the bank. Simple loungers, a funky table and even a hanging plant holder or garden can be constructed with ease. All you’d really need is a little creativity and some hammers and nails.

6. Pallet Garden Seating Furniture

Pallet Garden Seating Furniture DIY
Nature reflects itself in many ways but we enjoy it most in the form of weather, greenery around us and the colorful blooms delighting the eyes as well as the senses. And sitting in your garden surrounded by the natural sights and enjoying the lovely weather is a great relaxing and soothing experience for the nature lovers.

7. DIY Beautiful Garden Furniture

DIY Beautiful Garden Furniture
Genius idea, this is one of beautiful outdoor furniture made from pallet, follow the instruction.

8. DIY Outdoor Pallet Bar Set

DIY Outdoor Pallet Bar Set
If you think that you cannot go with the previous idea, it does not a big deal. You can still build a pallet bar to complete your backyard in different styles and designs. What you need is to add some color when you want to make it more eye-grabbing to amaze your guests. It will be great if your beer is cool. The idea comes from StackedDesign. What you need is to follow their steps and tutorials to make it.

9. DIY Adirondack Chair From Pallets

DIY Adirondack Chair From Pallets
Do you have a good woodworking skill? We think this project should be on your list. Many of us believe that outdoor pallet furniture is more about the style, not the functionality. However, there are some reasons why we disagree. BHG knew they created something stunning to complete their outdoor, the wooden pallets Adirondack chair. We must say that it is worth to try this project since they provided the full tutorial to make it.

10. DIY Pallet Popcorn Stand

DIY Pallet Popcorn Stand
Does anyone in your family hate popcorn? The fact is that everybody loves it. This popcorn stand is a fun idea to make something from the pallet. When all family members are gathering in this backyard, they will love to spend their time in front of this stand to make some popcorn. Have a nice conversation with the delicious popcorn on hands make your life is wonderful. This DIY project comes from Liz Marie Blog and we glad she provided the tutorial on how to make this one.

11. DIY Pallet Playhouse

DIY Pallet Playhouse
It is nice to know that you have been spending your time to train your woodworking skills and the DIY projects are full of addiction for you. Having some kids love to play gadgets are problematic in this era. In fact, most parents less aware about encouraging the kids to spend their time and play outside. It is the time to make them forget their gadgets gradually. Phubbing does not help their future, communication is. Therefore, it is the time to help them to socialize and communicate with their siblings. Eventually, make this DIY pallet playhouse to encourage them to invite their friends and play together. Instructables has the detailed tutorial to help you finish this project as soon as possible.