Why Quantum Mechanics Can Be The Most Embarrassing Subject

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If we talk about quantum mechanics and how it works, scientists have established this thing for almost a century. But until today, we still do not know the real definition of it. This is what a cosmologist called Sean Carroll tried to say in his video. This argument may make Quantum mechanics as the most embarrassing subjects in modern physics.

So, what is his point actually?
Carroll said there are still unanswered questions related to quantum mechanics. There is a debate inside the physics community about its significance. In science, anything that shows uncertainty, deliberation, and skepticism, make us able to rework our understanding to discover more about nature. Doing things like this can help us to re-evaluate, and re-assess something we have convinced before. Also, re-working on this idea can bring the newer and the more formed views related to our Universe. We talk about advanced science that should not leave for any uncertainty. It seems enough to say that Stephen Hawking did many things to say against the findings of Higgs Boson. In physics, any unanswered questions or internal debate should be the sign of progress. But, we did not see this when it comes to quantum mechanics. That was what Carroll said.
Eventually, Carroll claimed that the most embarrassing about physics, the smallest is that no one can explain or answer the significance of quantum mechanics for about 80 years. For that long time, physicists failed to answer such an important question.
“It seems to me that we have not been trying to answer this question with as much vigor as we should” Carroll explains. “What is quantum mechanics, really? I mean, that’s like saying ‘what is the Universe?’ What more important question is there than that?
The duration of this video was about 15 minutes but this video is quite long for anyone with an attention span conditioned by the internet. Still, we recommend watching the whole thing in this video. His explanations are clear and intriguing. The points he made are compelling without condescending other parties.
Do you agree with Carroll that quantum mechanics is the biggest embarrassment of physics? We just think that after nearly 80 years of attempts, we still have not unified and reconciled this theory with general relativity. We think this one can be the biggest embarrassment.