What Are The Best Games To Play In The Backcountry

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Backpacking means that the only way to have fun is to hike. You are dealing with the long tiring treks and that is not as fun as playing a game along the way to pass the time and to increase your spirit with your group. It seems great if you can keep the good times rolling when you set up the camp and start the fun games with your group. Best of all, these games do not need any equipment so that you can even do these games on the trail.

One Two Three (Convergence)

The game is so fun that you don’t even need anything then you and your partner. What each of you should do is to pick a word or phrase in mind and then count to three so that each says the word or phrase out loud. At this point, you have two words or phrases that each of you has to think a word or phrase that can connect to the first two phrases. Count again to three and each of you has to say the new word or phrase in case you win. Otherwise, say a different phrase or word that will lead another round with the new word and phrase connected to the previous two words or phrases. The game will end if you two say the same word or phrase.
One Two Three (Convergence)

Tic Tac Toe

This game is so entertaining, thanks to that the creator makes it so simple. It does not make your pack is heavier at all because you only have to scratch out a board in the dirt by using a stick and then use pinecones or rocks as the pieces to start.


This is one of the mini-games that is so great to bring along in your backpack. Most of the sets are magnetic as well so that it is easier to keep them all of the pieces. Checker is so simple and it is full of fun to play for two gamers. Besides, the game is easy to set and it offers a friendly competition between you and your buddy.

Card Games

This game is so lightweight that you only have to bring a deck of card to provide you with many hours relaxing and entertaining with your buddy while you two are in the backcountry. What you can play with the deck of card is Solitaire. Other ways to do is to challenge your mate to the round of Go Fish.
In addition, you can use card games to play another game, called Kings Corners. It is like solitaire and it works for two backpackers. To start, each player will get seven cards. The rest will be placed down in the pile in the center of the playing area. After that, flip four cards from the pile and place the cards to the north, east, south, and west of the pile. Start by taking turns playing the cards lower in rank and in the opposite color on the piles. The Kings should be placed in the corner. Once the feeder stack is empty, the person out of cards will be the winner.
Card Games


We are sure that you are familiar with this game and even know well how to play this game. It is a great and fun you must play with your group. What you should do is to bring some papers and a pencil in the pack. After that, rip up the paper into thin and long strips. Scribble out some people, movie titles, places, and others on each strip of the paper. After that, fold each of the pieces and then place them all into a hat. Divide your group into two teams. Here, each person must take a turn drawing a piece of the folded paper out of the hat. The person has to act out to tell others about the word in the piece of the paper without revealing the papers or without words. His team must be able to guess the word on the piece of the paper.

I Spy

This game is a little bit silly, but you are going to miss backpacking or hiking with your friends just because you were playing this game during the trip.

Word Games

Play this game that will involve intellectual level especially when you and your buddy have to stay inside the tent due to the rainstorm. Bananagrams has smart packaging in form of the shape and the size. It is similar to scrabble and it is one of the favorite toys for backpackers.

Two Truths and A Lie

The best part of this game is that you don’t even need any properties to start having fun with others. Besides, you can play this game with other hikers. It seems perfect to play this game around the campfire. There, all are gathering and everyone around must share three facts about their lives and two of which are true, while the one is a lie. The other players have to guess the falsehood.
Two Truths and A Lie

Corn Hole

This is a little bit similar to other tossing games. Best of all, this game does not involve a lot of running so you can stay relax. This game, of course, is a perfect choice if you have a small group to camp. Make two teams contain two to four people. All of you must stand about 27 feet apart. After that, each group should have one board with the hole cut into it. Then, each team must toss the four beanbags across the span and they must be able to get the bags into the hole. For the first team, they will get 21 points wins. It does not a big problem if you have no boards. You can still use your creativity such as drawing the goal in the dirt and then toss pinecones.
Those are all things you can even play even though you are far away from your house. It seems amazing if you can have fun with your buddies to enjoy the time while forgetting your gadgets for a few hours to play the game.

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