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Is it difficult to choose the right dog? What things to consider when it is all about bringing the new dog into your home? Well, it is not an easy decision. First, you should be ready for the brand new days with the dog around you. Besides, it is important to know first about the cost to own a dog. If you think that you have thought for it several times and you are ready, here are the things to do.
Before choosing a dog, there are several factors to deal with. The most essential is to examine your lifestyle and consider the adjustments you want to make, especially for a dog. You should think of your family’s needs, especially your children and other pets. Besides, if your family has allergies, we recommend you to go with the hypoallergenic dog breeds.

Also, it is important to consider the ideal size, age, and energy level of the new dog. Keep in mind that adopting a dog is about a strong commitment because it is all about being a responsible owner. Here are some tips to go with.


Perhaps, you have decided whether you need a little dog you can carry around, or a large, giant dog breed. If you have no idea at all, you should go with the medium sized dog.
It is also important to note that some small dogs are vulnerable and delicate. If you mishandle them, it will lead to serious injury. Besides, little dogs are much more sensitive compared to the larger dog, especially when it comes to the cold temperatures. Therefore, you should be attentive to help your dog warm. It is also important to know that the dog also needs obedience training, as well. In fact, some little dogs are able to develop tough attitudes. Understand this as your risk when you are adopting a dog.
What about the large dogs?
Very large dogs need more space, they have to move around. Happy dogs with the long tails need enough space to avoid any injury or damage to your properties. Besides, the larger dog will always have more food to grab, including dog supplies or medical treatments. The training is also the key factor. So, if you have a giant puppy and you never trained the dog, this dog will be your boss soon.

Activity Level

Some dogs naturally have more energy compared to others. The breed can be the best way to know their activity level. Well, it does not mean that the breed is the single factor to determine the level of your dog’s energy. You should help your dogs to do the routine exercise so you should facilitate your dog, too.
If you have no time to support your dogs with casual walks every day, there is nothing better than to go with the lower energy dog, for example, Basset Hound. The best dog for your jogging partner is Border Collie. At this point, it is good to know how to adjust the amount of attention and exercise to your dog.  If your dog is barking almost every day, digging up the yard and destroying your home, it means that the dog needs more activities.

Physical Maintenance

Basic grooming is a must for all dogs. Nevertheless, certain types need more, depends on the type of the hair coat. It is essential to do advance routing grooming for your dog if the hair is always growing. Besides, the short-haired and smooth-coated dogs need some extra cleaning because they are the real shedders. You can even reduce shedding by using some grooming tools. Keep in mind that dogs with long and floppy ears are easier to get ear infections and they need thorough cleanings.


If you take a new puppy, it requires more attention and training, especially for the first six months. You should dedicate more time to deal with housebreaking and even raising your new puppy. There will be plenty of accidents like your dog is chewing your furniture or personal items. Nevertheless, you can reduce the intensity of these accidents gradually by spending more time to training. Therefore, the big key is your patience.
Another important thing to know is that sometimes if you wonder that your puppy grows up beyond your expectation and it can happen too. It happens mostly because you are adopting a mixed-breed dog, but that is not a bad thing.
The excellent choice is the adult dogs. The adult dogs are better if you are seeing a new dog with a true level of energy, attitude, and temperament. But, not all adult dogs are trained. Therefore, you should still spend some time to do dedicated training. If your new dog has been trained and socialized before, it would be easy for the dog to adjust and to enjoy the new lives with you.


Purebred dogs are so popular that many of pet lovers amaze with their presence because of several reasons. It can be because your family raised you around the breed, spent a big time with the breed in your life, as well. If you need a purebred dog to adopt, make sure that you have done the best research about the breed. So, it is a big no to adopt the breed just because you love how your friends tell you about theirs. Again, you should think about other possibilities like lifestyle, grooming needs, health problems, and temperament.
The mixed breed dogs are special additions to your life because the combination creates equal physical characteristics and personalities. They are what you can expect, especially if you want to bring a pound puppy to your home. On the other hands, there is no way to help you know about the look of your puppy when he is growing up. Besides, you cannot predict the health problems as well. Even if many experts argue that the mixed-breed offers fewer health matters compared to purebred dogs, the concern is on how you can take care of the dog.

Overall, all dogs are intelligent. If you adopt a mixed-breed dog, it means that you can save the dog from the lonely shelter as the fate.

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