Triple Black Diamond Ski Runs, The Best Way To Enjoy The Ski Runs

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If you are an avid skier, challenging ski runs are your most wanted holiday. The green and blue slopes will be so boring for extreme skin run lovers. If you hear the triple black diamond, this article is for you.

What Makes The Ski Slope Black Diamonds?

What Makes The Ski Slope Black Diamonds
Actually, there are no certain rules to categorize ski spots whether. Mostly, we will know that the green is for the easiest slope, blue is for intermediate skills and black diamonds are the most challenging one. However, in the different resort, the blue and black spots have the equivalent difficulties.
Generally, the black diamond is known as the steepest area because usually it is narrower and has more hazards such as clifts, trees, rocky areas as well as the high winds. The tougher area needs more experience for better control as well as the techniques.
Some places have a different type of diamonds, even the double-black-diamonds trails are considered to be the most difficult part. However, the black diamonds can be the new experience.

Black Hole – Smuggler’s Notch, Vt

Black Hole - Smuggler’s Notch Vt
This is the only one triple black diamonds in the Eastern of United States with its 53 degrees of the pitch. This area promising the best experience for skiers who avid for the extreme ski. You should control your move from constant falling or fly off to the pine tree.
Previously, the Smuggler’s Notch, Vt was so underrated, but now ski experts are eager to challenge themselves with the abundant fresh powder.
However, what might make you bored is the low-speed lift since this will take a longer time to reach the top. After all, things are paid of offering the Smugg terrain and easy way down of Chilcoot. The train variety consists of 78 trails with 19% green, 50% blue, 31% black and double black diamonds.

Harakiri – Austria

Harakiri - Austria
If you are expecting a scary ski run, visit the Austrian Alps which is located in Mayrhofen. Just like the name, this mountain is taken from the Japanese term which means “ritual suicide by the Samurai”.
Harakiri is considered as the steepest black-diamond slop with its 38 degrees and 78 inclines. The height is so intimidating that you can come fast down its 1,230-foot drop. It is almost impossible to stop when you are falling down until you rich the bottom.
The best thing from Harakiri is it is groomed. You will need very good equipment to tackle the hard points, not to mention your excellent technique and fit body. Besides, it is always suggested to try the pitch number 12. Mostly, you need to concentrate on how to balance your body weight and keep your skis apart.

Delirium Dive

Delirium Dive
Delirium Dive offers the craziest ski runs with its abundant powder, 4 times more than any ski resort in the world. It is due to the wind and mountain location which makes Delirium Dive becomes one of the riskiest and deadly slopes in the world. Of course, this requires excellent skiing skill level.
As you reach the top of the Continental Divide, avalanche transceiver might be the only welcome you will receive. The ski patrol will send you back down if you have no shovel and faithful skiing buddy. So, what do you expect from this intimidating 45-degree chutes and loose rocks? No one wants to die buried by the frozen waterfall.
In here, the most difficult thing to underline is you will not be able to see what lies in front of you. But if you have the courage to take the risk, and confident enough to test your skill level, go try this!

Alyeska, Alaska – USA

Alyeska, Alaska - USA
Alyeska becomes the largest ski runs in Alaska with its 1,610 skiable area in 76 ski runs (officially). Besides, these resorts become the most wanted place for skiers who seek for challenging terrain. The double-diamond trails will be an amazing stomach-turning run, especially in the Christmas Chute. You will find the narrow steep on the top of Chair 6 that can be reached only using a helicopter. Well, this is indeed intimidating even for the technical challenge. You need to try the New Yea’s Chute too because it is more intimidating and longer. However, be careful because the condition here is extreme and it is not always open for public.

La Chavanette, France

La Chavanette
The La Chavanette is also popular as the “Swiss Wall”. The wide hellishly steep slow with a severe gradient that you cannot see everything beneath your ski in case you are already over the edge.
Be careful with the icy condition, that might fly you down the slope if you don’t have the considerable skill level.
This is infamous piste with vital stats t 1 km and 331m vertical drop. Going here will make you stand between Swiss and French border, above the Avoriaz right in the Portes du Soleil ski area. Then, the fun will be with the 40 degrees of the pitch with 50 slopes, that will force you to take the heavy turns.

Corbet’s Couloir, Jackson Hole, Wyoming – USA

Corbet’s Couloir
You are going to find the terror at the top of the mountain. This is the most popular ski run challenge that forces you to leap off the top. The drop is s special and unforgettable that this has 50 degrees of slope forcing you to use your skill level maximally.
This place is like the icon of skiing, that makes you feel like this is a final exam. There were lots of injuries as well as the numerous deaths. The slope is so narrow and even only little places, you will feel that the turning is so tricky even for getting into the couloir. This is the real danger you might want to try as the next challenge. When you try to do freestyle fall, there will be no choice that you should push yourself into 20-feet.
The double or triple black diamond might sound terrifying, but the experience you have will be unbearable.