Transforming Your Outdoor Living Spaces Hacks

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It is possible to transform the outdoor living space by following these simple steps to landscape your space. It is because no one has to be in a degree of horticulture or the experts of landscaping yard just to make the outer part of their house looks amazing. It is all about patience and inspiration. Here are the steps to create a beautiful garden and outdoor living spaces for anyone! The tips are from the garden designer, Jon Carloftis. Enjoy!

What Beginners Must Do To Evaluate Their Yard

When you evaluate your yard, whether your yard has some elements to landscape or none at all, it can be challenging especially if you are beginners. With no much experience to do gardening, does it possible to begin to learn how to landscape your space?
So, you are just starting out and you have no much idea to the landscape. It doesn’t matter that you can even start to drive around many neighborhoods. The goal is to see the houses and yards that looks beautiful to you and then takes photos. This is the best way to get more inspiration.
Next, talking about landscaping is also talking about the styles. It can be contemporary, cottage, traditional, or others. So, what can you do to learn the landscape and pick your style? Are there any elements to consider? Well, of course. Now how to find your style and taste when it comes to landscaping?
It is simply that you can even step back and then look at the yards that look beautiful to you, it means that you have a good mix of the various plant types like deciduous trees, evergreen, annuals, perennials, vines, shrubs, and others with the four-season interest. Of course, you don’t want to make your house looks dull in the winter. On the other hands, you may hold on the old rules that you should only green out front and there should be no flowers. Well, this is the old rule that will never happen in the future. Now, you can do anything you want.
Otherwise, you can even take a look at the Internet, magazines and any other sources that will show the collection of beautiful yard transformation. Do this and choose the simplest one that you think it fits your style, taste, and capability. Again, if you are too afraid of the costly mistakes, you should leave this to the professional. Oh hey, you still have a choice to watch on YouTube to find more video tutorials to make your beautiful yard.
Starting To Landscape

Starting To Landscape

Of course, it sounds a little bit too much as you can do whatever you want, especially for beginners. If you have no idea how to break down your outdoor spaces when you are still learning about how to landscape, it there are some couple of things to help you.
When you want to start landscape, the first thing to do is to create a focal point. To do so, start from trees. You can go to the nursery and then find the specimen trees you think great for your yard. Alternatively, you can create a focal point by planting shrubbery, as well. Besides, you should also consider your neighbors. Make sure that you are not the one that brings down the look of your neighborhood.
The next thing to do is to make sure that your landscape will support you to make the entrance to your home. So, it is like the landscape will welcome the guests as they pass it before reaching your door. Shrubs and simple foundation plantings are crucial. Besides, you can line a walkway to make a beautiful tunnel that will make you feel like you are walking somewhere. It is pleasing to walk on a walkway.
It is true that a perfect yard contains a good combination of all types of plants. Nevertheless, there will be a great challenge to deal with. The challenge to solve is on how to plant all types of plants and you still can combine their colors perfectly. What things can you do to combine the colors of the different plants?
To solve this challenge, the key is simplicity. If you are beginners, then it is good to make it simple by using the shades of green. No other colors except green shades. Green shades are still good to make elegant and amazing landscape to your yard. Besides, there is no rule that you must make your yard too fancy. Using green shades are great and even easier to add color as well. Irises, for example, can be the best addition to your yard because it offers nice color and texture.
The Front and The Back Landscape

The Front and The Back Landscape

For the front landscape, it is all about dealing with the architecture of your house. You should finish this part first. Meanwhile, the back landscape is about your personal space. It is about the next room to entertain, raise your kid, and grill out. Therefore, you should break it down if you have a big backyard and add a little patio. Add some plants there and move into other areas and treat everything just like decorating a room.
When You Feel You Have No Interest

When You Feel You Have No Interest

Perhaps you have no interest to learn about landscaping just because you have no time. It doesn’t matter that you can start out something small. You can hire someone for example to avoid costly mistakes that will help you save your money and makes you happier since the experts did for you.
Alternatively, try containers if you think that big landscaping projects are real problems for your time and money. Containers don’t make you spend money on hiring the experts. Containers are easy and multifunctional that once you add the plants on the side of the door or the driveway, still, they add more colors to your home.
So, are you ready to transform your outdoor living spaces? Just follow these hacks and you will find a big help. Always remember to make a little patio first and then move to the next empty room that you want to transform before walking to other rooms.