Things To Do When Your Dog Loses His Appetite

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Your dog is the best buddy you have in the world. He obeys all the rules you made. He did everything at his best. He ever saved your life. He helped you do almost anything. He is always there when you need him. He is the part of your life. What can you do if he suddenly loses his appetite?
In fact, all dogs’ owners will face this matter. It is because of dogs always in this condition once a while. Losing appetite for one to two days is not the serious matter since your dog will act normally after that. Nevertheless, it can be the sign that there is something wrong if your dog suddenly loses his appetite for two or more days. In this condition, you should make an appointment with your vet to check your dog’s condition. Do this immediately especially if your puppy acts that he is sick.
For young puppies, their body has smaller fat along with the fluid reserves. They cannot go with any food for more than 12 hours. If so, they need medical help. For the toy breed puppies, skipping a meal makes them prone to get hypoglycemia, the drops in the blood sugar levels.
Why Do My Puppies Loss Of Appetite?

Why Do My Puppies Loss Of Appetite?

Loss of appetite or anorexia is an abrupt condition in which your pup refuses to eat suddenly or gradually so that he is eating less for a long term. There are some factors that can lead to anorexia.


Finicky pups are able to develop preferences, especially for certain foods. This condition makes them cannot eat anything else. When you provide and feed your puppy his favorite food, you teach him how to get its way. If your vet confirmed that your puppy is healthy, it means that you have to train your puppy to practice “tough puppy love” as the best way to help your puppy eat food according to the scheduled feedings.

Stress/ High Temperatures

Stress can be the next factor that will make your pet loses his appetite. He cannot eat well because he lost his beloved family member that created separation anxiety. He also may feel stress when he left at the kennel. These conditions may lead him to lose his appetite. Besides, the stress of the new member visits your home can be the reason that causes anorexia. In addition, high outdoor temperatures can be the reason of losing appetite.
Stress/ High Temperatures

Illnesses, Parasites, and Teething

If you think that your dog has anorexia and your dog acts ill or gets a fever, it means that he is in a critical condition. It is important to be attentive especially if there is an illness that makes your puppy does not want to eat. It can be a sign of cancer or serious infection like kidney failure.
Other life-threatening diseases are possible like parasites, parvovirus, a sore mouth because of teething can make your pup refuses to eat. Eventually, a respiratory infection can stop his nose and ruins his sense of taste and smell.
Keep in mind that if his anorexia lasts for up to two days, you should bring him to your vet to find whether he is sick or not before doing any techniques to help your puppy to eat.
Ways To Stop Anorexia

Ways To Stop Anorexia

  • Again, before doing this, it is important to ask your vet to diagnose to find the fact why your puppy stops eating. If your vet found that the puppy is suffering from any illness, it is still okay to provide him with healthy people food and do other techniques to encourage him to eat. For example, you can offer the wholesome tidbits just like silver of lean beef or chicken that will help your puppy especially if he is being finicky. It also works if your puppy has a problem that needs the attention of your vet.
  • Another thing to do is to stimulate his appetite. You can do this by providing pungent-smelling foods so his eating time is more attractive than the usual. For example, most puppies cannot ignore peanut and Liverwurst.
  • If it does not work, it is still possible to provide meat-based baby food for him since it is palatable for all puppies and easier to eat especially if your puppy has a sore mount.
  • You can even try to add warm water or no-salt chicken broth to his dry food. You can serve slurry in the blender.
  • Warm up his food by zapping it in the microwave. Let it there for ten seconds or so and let the aroma attracts your puppy to eat.
  • Always give yogurt and cottage cheese as your puppy’s regular food? Why don’t try to give your puppy a small amount of stinky canned products with the fat and high meat content?
  • It is also good to mix some dry cat food with his food if you also have a cat. The higher protein content and aroma of cat foods can be appealing for your puppy.
  • Hand-feeding your pup is great and doing it with the small amount of food. If he eats it or refuses it, you can take the food away and try again in the next hour. Do not even leave the puppy without any foods he eats for a long period that can even overwhelm the appetite in his brain.
  • If your vet found that this happens because of health issue that your puppy even rejects the tastiest foods, you should utilize a little behavior modification. Cut back on the treats and stick to his regular feeding schedules.
  • Try to buy a new food dish. Otherwise, move the old one to the new spot to make it more interesting. It is good to use a food dispenser to control it.
  • It is a good idea to take your puppy for a walk or doing another exercise right before mealtimes.
  • Talk to your vet if the case is getting severe. Your vet may recommend drugs to stimulate his appetite. Also, your vet may be able to force-feed your pup with the paste-like diet via syringe.
  • Get the vet attention immediately if your puppy has low blood sugar symptoms or hypoglycemia. For example, if he becomes so weak, and he becomes the drunken-type gait or gets occasional seizures. If he loses his consciousness, you should boost his low blood sugar by giving something sweet to his gums like a small amount of pasteurized honey. Do not even use raw honey that may contain botulism spores. Do not give honey if your puppy has diabetes or obesity matters.

Ways To Stop Anorexia

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