Things To Do To Enjoy Backpacking In Kings Peak

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Location: Henry Fork Trailhead, Evanston, Utah, United States
Have no idea to start your next trip in the United States? Try to explore the tallest mountain summit in Utah, at 13.527 feet. The majestic views of entire Utah are waiting for you with 4,100 feet in elevation and 28.8 miles of distance.

The Trailhead Of Kings Peak

The starting point of this backpacking trip is from Henry Fork Trailhead which is 9,400 feet in elevation. Besides, the trail gains little elevation for the first 5.5 miles. At this point, you can even find some beautiful lakes. You can even camp near the lakes, by the way. If you see the first lake, it is called the Alligator Lake. Under 3 miles of the trailhead, you will amaze with the beautiful lake especially if you are hunting a nice and easy place to enjoy the altitude and the rigors of your backpacking trip.
The Trailhead Of Kings Peak
If you pass the Alligator Lake, you will go to the Henry’s Fork Trail right after hiking for another 3 miles. At this point, there will be a trail junction, called Elkhorn Crossings. You have two choices to do here as below:

  1. Take the trailhead to the south means you are going to hike in the most direct route. High for 2 miles and you will see the most popular lake in this area, called Dollar Lake. There, you will see many beautiful established campsites.
  2. Take the West Loop Trail that will add an extra 4.5 miles to your backpacking trip. This option is excellent to go to or come back from Kings Peak. In this area, you will enjoy the picturesque lakes, fewer crowds, and amazing campsites. The trail also meets back up with the Henry’s Fork Trail just past the Dollar Lake.

The Trailhead Of Kings Peak
Our first recommendation for you is to set up your base camp especially near one of the lakes in Henry’s Fork Basin. At this point, the trail starts to gain elevation if you keep hading to the Gunsight Pass with its 11,900 feet in elevation. From the top of the pass, you will find the trail that descents 500 vertical feet and leads you to the next drainage as well as the loops around the rocky and steep slopes of the Gunsight Peak. This is the last and the final part of the trail that offers 2000 feet up to 4.6 miles to the Crown of Utah with 13,527 feet.
It seems interesting if you include this destination to your backpacking trip list. If you want to visit this area, it is important to know what you should pack to your backpack.

The Pack List To Backpack To Kings Peak

Tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, cookware, stove, food, water filter, headlamp, good hiking boots, maps, cameras, and compass are the things you must bring.
The Pack List To Backpack To Kings Peak
King Peaks offers a nice spot to backpack with 28.8 miles of distance you can enjoy. The long backpack trail will never make you regret especially with many lakes you can see around the place along the way. The elevation gain of the Kings Peak is 4,100 feet that are quite burning your leg.
What can you do here?
Well, there are quite many things to do such as backpacking, hiking, camping and also photography. It seems that camping in this area is free and you don’t even need permits to do that. We recommend you to visit this place in summer or autumn to enjoy the out-and-back trail. Besides, the location is great even though you are not advanced hikers.
The scenic views, forest, and lakes are the best part of the Kings Peak. The last nice thing to add is that the area offers easy parking and food nearby.

Reasons To Visit Kings Peak

Reasons To Visit Kings Peak
Here are the reasons to visit Kings Peak:

  • Backpacking is the best thing to do that you will have a special time to enjoy the beautiful basin, explore the lakes, and spend time on the peak for your incredible adventure. You will love to visit this place!
  • The place offers good scenery with the whole hiking experience. You can even climb up the rock slide to the right and then down, enjoy the great challenge, stay overnight with a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.
  • Hike at the end of July is great with super moderate hiking experience and mostly, it is flat for the entire way until you will find the last little stretch to the summit. The views from the peak are so incredible, especially if you hike on the really clear day that you can even see for miles in any direction you take. You should take your time to look around to see the different valleys and the small lakes in the U.S. You can even hike about 8 miles and find a good camping spot near the lake. Waking up early to hike to the peak and coming back to the camp for a quick lunch or nap and then hiking back to the trailhead is amazing!
  • The hiking experience can be challenging for those who want to try something more in this place. You can head to the trail and plan a long day hike that takes about 15 hours. After that, you should hike to Gunsight Pass and the trail branches off in a few directions. Turn right to the “shortcut” over the Anderson Pass. The mark of this trail is the cairns and the narrow climber’s trail. On the top of the pass, you can clearly see the main path ahead and the notch that other hikes start off on the North Ridge Route.

Your Concern On Hiking Kings Peak

This place is not a dog-friendly area to hike. In addition, rocks can be very slippery in precipitations so you must be careful. The weather in this place is also easy to change. If you have checked the weather forecast for your day with hot and sunny, it is possible if you end up getting caught in several hours hail and lightning storm. Therefore, we suggest you bring your storm gear, some food, and enjoy the trip!
Your Concern On Hiking Kings Peak