These Plants Can Grow Better In Your Bathroom

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Why should you grow plants in your bathroom? Well, let us say that adding indoor plants to your bathroom is more than just the way to decorate the area like giving a fresh atmosphere, adding the natural touch, or whatever. The fact is that the bathroom is the best place for your plants to deal with the dryer climates. Why so?
Bathroom typically has low light with the high humidity and warmth that makes most tropical plants love to grow there. So, if you really want to have houseplants, we think you should gather these plants and put them in your bathroom.


Pack this tropical plant and you will get gorgeous flowers especially in any season. The warm and damp conditions of most bathrooms make it grows perfectly. They can grow in the bark, not a soil. Besides, they love to live with the damp material, not wet.
There are some varieties of orchids that can grow easily with less care such as Dendrobium, Paphiopedilums, and Phalaenopsis. These varieties can grow well with bright and filtered window light in your bathroom.

Golden Pothos

Take this as one of the most popular vining plants for indoor. Pothos or Epipremnum aureum is available in various sizes, variegations, and colors. You don’t need to over-watering it. The plants can grow well if you put it far from the direct sunlight and the soil should not dry out.
The low-maintenance plant with its beautiful look looks awesome especially if you plant it in a hanging basket. Eventually, you can put it on the high shelf. Nevertheless, it is important to know that all types of photos are toxic if ingested by pets and kids.
Golden Pothos

Neon Pothos

As the variety of Epipremnum aureum, it offers the bright burst of color.  The interesting part of the plant is that they are known for the air-purifying capabilities. It means that all variety of photos are able to filter out carbon monoxide and formaldehyde. It is not surprising that the plants will make your home healthier and free from those dangerous substances.
Neon Pothos

Spider Plant and China Doll Plant

Chilorophytumcomosum is on fuss plant to add to your bathroom since they can deal with low light and they can enjoy the humidity with their detachable baby shoots. They are so cute that you can even use the repurposed old ladder to create the hanging plant rack to complete your tub with the lush spider plants to highlight the bathroom area.
The China doll plant or Radermachera Sinica has the dark green but it needs bright and indirect sunlight and it grows well in the moist and well-drained soil. To plant this plant, you should protect it from drafts. Adding these plants will create a breathtaking look to your bathroom.

Grape Ivy

It is also popular as Oakleaf Ivy or Cissus Rhombifolia as the low-maintenance plant with very little effort to plant it. It works best in a bathroom with a bright window, moist soil and also it is the real climber. The baby trail looks beautiful along the windowsill even off the top of your cabinet to add a dramatic look to your bathroom.
Grape Ivy


Bromeliad is the bright tropical plants with various species available. Of course, the maintenance depends on the specific species. Nevertheless, most of them need the same thing that is the filtered water, plenty of moisture in the air and the temperate indoor climate.
The big reward to plant the plants is the colorful and long-lasting color to add a more dramatic look to your bathroom. Some of them are easy to care such as Scarlet Star, Blushing Bromeliad, and Urn Plant.


It is the part of the Bromeliad family it looks beautiful as the air plants. It falls into the Tillandsia genus with the awesome capability to grow with no soil, no need to being planted as well. If you plant it in the right environment, they don’t even need any care and the best environment is the bathroom. Even it is better if your bathroom has a bright window. Eventually, they love the occasional shower overspray, humidity, and they don’t even mind if you mist or give your plant soak for every week. Again, it depends on the climate.
There are some varieties available such as Tillandsia Xerographica, Tillandsia Berger, and Tillandsia Ionantha.
Would you mind if we give you a little hint? The plant can tolerate more droughts if it has more silvery foliage.


It is a small-growing plant that needs a low-light environment. Besides, it is available in many colors with the adorable shapes of the leaves. The size is also quite compact so that it is great for tight quarters like narrow windowsills but it hates the direct sun. The available varieties are watermelon peperomia or Peperomia argyreia.

Tropical Pitcher Plant

The popular name of this plant is Monkey Cups, Nepenthes as the diverse genus of the tropical plants that can display various pitcher apparatus that makes it able to attract and help digest insects and these are their foods. It means that you don’t even need to feed this plant any insects.
It loves to grow in the moist soil with the great humidity atmosphere. Therefore, it is a perfect addition to complete your bathroom. They can deal with low humidity but they will produce fewer pitchers in this condition. Their vining habit makes them looks great to complete the windowsill.

Snake Plant

The plant is so popular as the mother-in-law’s tongue, St. George’s sword, and Viper’s bowstring hemp. Sansevieria, the plant can tolerate with any growing condition from no light to bright light even to direct light. Besides, they still can grow perfectly with little to no water. If you keep them in the humid bathroom, you don’t even need to water them. It is because the plant is the West African natives, as well. Adding this plant to your bathroom will also add the modern look, especially for the gorgeous leaves.
Snake Plant
So, those are all plants to add to your bathroom. You can choose based on your bathroom conditions. So far, which one is your most favorite option?

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