These 8 Authority Health Websites and Online Symptom Checkers from Dr. Oz

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You must be familiar with the Dr. Oz show that constantly gives the audience knowledge about how to live healthier. He also often provides a lot of information about how to diet properly.
Somehow, you just have no time to watch the show and need a quick reading. Meanwhile, the internet is not something that can replace your doctor, but indeed it gives you the basic knowledge about your condition. Besides, you have to be careful about the information available on the internet. Not all blogs are written by experts. So, in case you are thinking about when to see your doctor, there are some sites you can use as a reference which are recommended by Dr. Oz too.

CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

If you are planning to travel abroad, the CDC is the perfect site to dig information related to your vacation. This site provides a list of diseases that are susceptible to your health. You can find health information for travelers in many countries, this includes specific diseases that possibly affect your body related to the disease histories there. So, you can get prepared what to eat and what to avoid when going to these countries. Each country might have different records about diseases and this is why you need to keep updated. Updating the nearest clinic through this website is also possible.

This is actually a government site that provides all information about natural disasters. Through this website you can learn the urgent action you need to do on the spot. Learning to prepare during the emergencies, specific steps you have to take when facing a disaster and what to do are ones of the materials you can learn. There are some games to play with your kids too!


The website provides detail information about human anatomy. This is an interesting site that you can read with your kids. You will not only learn about human anatomy but also general information about the disease, fitness, nutrition, conditions until information about DNA Health Testing and also DNA Ancestry Testing.


This is one of the greatest websites for you who are seeking information about diseases. Not only that but also symptoms, treatments and other information related to your sickness and injuries. The website also provides a guide on how to live healthy including news about health from the experts. You can also find the lowest drug prices as well as finding the nearest doctor here.

Mayo Clinic

Just like the WebMD, the Mayo Clini also provides complete information about diseases. You can find information about symptoms and how to do the first care before meeting your doctor. The website also provides information about its researcher’s view related to diseases until the nearest doctor. This is a good site to find quick and trustable information.


ShareCare is a good start to ask a question about the medical condition. This site consists of medical experts that are ready to answer every question. Besides, some information about healthy diet, fitness, and weight loss are also available to learn.

Medline Plus

This is the right place to find information about treatment options and medical procedures. You can learn a lot of things about over the counter medicines as well as the herbs and supplements. There are a number of generic or brand name you can browse.
Each generic or supplement you find will consist of the reason why the medication is prescribed, how it is used and also special precautions you have to follow. Interestingly, the website also provides steps to do when you forget the dose, including the side effects that will occur.

Pharmacy Sites

The website is similar to CVS Pharmacy that offers information about medication including the prescriptions and disease information. This website brings detail information about side effects of medications too. So, if you are not sure with the over counter medicine, you can go to this website to learn what effect will occur in your body after taking certain medications. This also provides cautions so you can be more careful.
So, that’s all the most recommended websites from Dr. Oz you can visit. Be careful about the information you get from the internet because not all articles are from the experts. So, it is better to read from the trustable resources only.

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