These 5 Effective Ways Stop Dogs Nail Bleeding

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Cutting your dogs nail too short can lead to nail bleeding. Do you know how to stop his nail from bleeding? Well, this is a common incident happens when you want to trim your dog’s nail. Fortunately, there are some simple and easy solutions to stop it from bleeding.
In fact, you can treat the wound at home easily. On the other hands, you should understand that after this incident, you need to regain his trust to trim his nails in the future. You can use styptic powder to baking soda. Here are the five best treatments to stop his nail from bleeding.
#1 Stay Calm

#1 Stay Calm

You are cutting your dogs nail too short and it is now bleeding. Stay calm is the first key.
Cutting too far makes your dog pulls away from you and lets out a yelp. Once you panic, it will only make your dogs fear more. Therefore, please be calm. The bleeding can be much worse than it is. Therefore, you should be calm and your dog can keep with you. To do so, talk in the soothing voice. In addition, you can feed your dog a tasty treat because the bleeding can be long-lasting. It happens if you cut too short and cut the quick that contains the live blood vessels.
The accident can happen and that often happens to dogs with the dark colored nails because the nails are not easily visible.
#2 How to Stop Bleeding by Using Styptic Powder

#2 How to Stop Bleeding by Using Styptic Powder

Vets and groomers use it to treat cuts and stop bleeding. The Benzocaine works as the topical anesthetic to remove the pain. The presence of ferric subsulfate can stop it from bleeding. It is also the antihemorrhagic agents to contract the blood vessels. It clots the blood and prevents bacteria to enter the bloodstream. It is the first aid to make sure you have this at home.
To do so:

  • Dip your dogs nail into the powder. You can use a moistened cotton applicator
  • Swab or q-tip if you use applicator
  • Apply moderate pressure to his nail for few minutes to stop its bleeding
  • It stops bleeding in 30 seconds or less
  • If the bleeding keeps going, reapply it

#3 How to Stoop a Bleeding Nail by Using Styptic Pencil

It contains the silver nitrate to coagulate quickly and seal the injured blood vessels.
Here are the steps:

  • Have clean water to dip the tip of the styptic pencil.
  • Take the styptic pencil
  • Rotate it across the cut on the dog’s nail.

#4 How to Stop Bleeding by Using Flour, Baking Soda, or Cornstarch

#4 How to Stop Bleeding by Using Flour, Baking Soda, or Cornstarch

Baking soda, flour, or cornstarch can support in coagulation. Here are the steps:

  • Pour some flour, baking soda or cornstarch in your palm
  • Dip his nail gently to the flour, baking soda, or cornstarch
  • Dip his nail once again if the bleeding does not stop. Do not wipe off his before dipping again.
  • Compress his nail with a cloth or towel to stop bleeding

#5 How to Stop Bleeding by Using Soap

Use a bar of soap. First, get the soap wet to soften it up and once it is a little mushy, place the dogs nail into the soap and apply pressure in a few minutes. Here are the steps:

  • Dampen the soap until it gets mushy
  • Push the nail directly into the soap. Or, break off a piece and then wrap it in the towel before applying.
  • Keep the nail into the soap while applying the firm pressure for 3 minutes.

In case that the bleeding is minor, rub a bar of clean and scent-free soap over it. On the other hand, if the bleeding is steady, wrap ice with the compressed cloth or paper towel to reduce the blood flow.
Things To Do After Trimming Your Dog's Nail Too Short

Things To Do After Trimming Your Dog’s Nail Too Short

Clipping dogs nails are the part of normal grooming routine. If you think that you cannot use guillotine style clippers, you can try for a dremel tool. What things to do after trimming his nail too short?
First, make sure that your dog has a rest after applying the treatment. Once the bleeding stopped, keep your dog off his feet for about 30 minutes for example by giving delicious treats. The rest is important to avoid any re-injuring. It is good to wrap your dogs paw with bandages to avoid further injury.
If his nail cannot stop bleeding after 20 minutes, it can lead to the blood loss. It looks terrible that you should call your vet.

What Happens to Your Dog after You’ve Cut His Quick

Your dog may not feel comfortable to have his nails get trimmed again because his trauma, but sooner he can forgive you. You should provide lots of treats and praise him anytime he can deal with the nail clippers. Even though trimming his nails is not a fun thing to do, it is the part of healthy grooming habit. There is no rule about the frequency to trim his nails. You should trim his nails as often as you can to prevent his nails from touching the floor when he is standing. In fact, long nails are something painful to your dog. It only makes him more difficult to get a grip while he is walking.
In addition, some dogs can be more challenging compared to others when they have to deal with the nails clippers. So, if you think that your dog feels uncomfortable when you are about trimming his nails and it is challenging to complete this task, we suggest you go to the vet’s office or the groomer to get it done.
If you want to do his dogs nails at home and you cannot deal with clippers, you can try the alternative that is the dremel tool. It works to grind nails down, not to clip so that it can reduce any accidents about nails bleeding.
Those are all things you should know about how to stop the nail bleeding in the dog.

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