These 20 Smart DIY Storage Solutions Do Not Need Rocket Science

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There are a lot of f ways to store and organize your items. You do not have to always throw them in the drawers or to pay a bill to keep the items in the storage unit. It is true that there are always simple ways to find neat and to save space. This is important to avoid any things lose in clutter. Here are some great storage solutions to do at home.

1. Use drawer organizers

Well, drawer organizers are powerful to hide the clutter.

2. Use a paper towel holder

Do you have a plan to buy a paper towel? Do not forget to buy two. One for your towel and the remaining one work for others are perfect!

3.  Use a shower caddy

There is no rule that a shower caddy is always in the bathroom. You can even use it to organize your office and desk supplies.

4. Hang the plastic baskets

Some plastic baskets with the adhesive hooks are ready to hang to complete your cabinet doors. Enjoy the additional storage!

5. Use egg cartons

Do you have no idea to store the holiday ornaments? Why do not try this way?

6. Hang a file box

Add an adhesive hook to a file box and use it to hold your hair dryers.

7. Wooden plank storage shelf

Add a wooden plank as the storage shelf to install above the doorway.

8. Spray paint berry baskets

Even this way adds more storage to your home, as well!

9. A rod under your sink

Install a rod under your sink and hang cleaning products from it.

10. Using a cleaning wipes container

Store tissue paper in a cleaning wipes container.

11. Using a tin basket

Keep your hose neatly coiled in a tin basket.

12. Using desk organizers

Desk organizers also work for the fridge.

13. Adding book storage

Hang metal baskets on the wall for book storage.

14. Using a wine rack

Use a wine rack as a towel holder.

15. DIY scarf storage

Plastic shower rings + hanger = scarf storage.

16. DIY pot lid storage

Mount magazine rack on cabinet door for pot lid storage.

17. Using a moving clothing rack

Use a moving clothing rack when your closet runs out of the room.

18. Using a shoe organizer

Have tons of nail polish? Store it all in a shoe organizer.

19. Using ice cube trays

Use ice cube trays to hold small items.

20. Using a pill box

Store bobby pins in a pill box.

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