The Crucial Points Why Declawing Your Cat Is Inhuman

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Perhaps, you are planning to do declawing your cat or your vet suggests doing this surgery at the same time when you do neutering your cat. Of course, it is better to take more time and consider these arguments against your plan. Declawing means that you are doing a life-altering surgery to your cat.
Here are some crucial points why you should not do declawing to your cat.

Declawing Is More Than Just Nail Trimming

Make it clear. Declawing is not nailed trimming; it is more than that in fact. Doing this means that you are about doing a surgical amputation of the first joint of the toes of your cat. Whether you do the procedure by using a scalpel, a cutter, or a laser, it is still a major surgery that you cannot simply ignore it.
Declawing Is More Than Just Nail Trimming

Declawing Is Painful

Since it is a surgery, it means that you are about doing 10 amputations when you do it only for the front feet. Even though your cat will get the pain medicines to help, but it is just the beginning. The phantom pain is still there that can last for weeks and even months because it is all about the nerve to heal. Your cat can bounce back quickly after the neutering surgery, but the declawing pain is excruciating and even lead to the serious behavior matter for your cat.

Declawing Is Not Beneficial For Your Cat

Neutering is still giving benefit for cats, especially for their health and behavior. On the other hands, declawing will not contribute a positive thing to your cat. Mostly, declawing is the concern on the owner’s convenience.

Declawing Removes The Ultimate Weapon of Defense

Most cat owners decided to declaw a cat because they thought their cats indoors are the best reason. In fact, indoor cats sometimes have their plan to escape. When the declawed cat cannot stand against the large dog, the bigger cat, or the predator, his last weapon is his teeth, but it can be too late.

Declawing Cats Causes Litter Box Problem

So, what is another problem here? Naturally, cats bury their waste by using their claws. That is the reason why most cats can use a litter box quickly. Nevertheless, it can be painful if they have to dig in the litter or other substance once they are declawed cats. They cannot bear the pain and they have no good mood with the litter box. Every time they go to the litter box, they cannot bear the pain. Every time they even just look at the litter box, they still remember the pain. Therefore, they will not do this anymore. In this condition, they will also avoid the litter box as well.

Declawing Cats Lead To Biting Problems

At this point, your cats almost lose anything. What can you do if you have to accept that all your fingers are being amputated? Losing your hope to live, aren’t you? Sadly, claws are their main weapon.
Now, they have to deal with other problem, which is biting. Declawing makes they lose their ability to have a quick warning scratch. Therefore, they will use their second weapon to the defense which is their teeth. If you are about declawing your cats, soon you have to accept that they will tend to bite anytime they feel defenseless or in a dangerous situation.

Declawing Does Not Support Your Cats To Exercise Their Claws

Watching a cat stretch horizontally on your carpet or vertically with the tall scratching post is somehow you are going to miss after the declawing procedure. They love to grab the carpet or sisal with their claws with the resistance to pull and then stretch their muscles. They use these things as the way to exercise. In other words, cat’s claws play the large and the positive role to their agility and their muscle tone. It is all about their life and declawing cats mean taking all these things out of their life.
Declawing Does Not Support Your Cats To Exercise Their Claws

Altering Cats’ Gait Can Cause Joint Problems

Domestic cats are always digitigrades that they can even walk on their feet and toes. So, removing the first digit of their toe means that you are about changing the way your cats walk. In this condition, it can affect the joints in their leg. The next matter is that there is a possibility if your cats will develop arthritis around his hip and other joints. Therefore, reconsider when you are about removing their claws since doing this can determine their long-term health.
As you see, there are a lot of things to consider and we take this as a serious concern on your cats. Look at your cat and think back whether he deserves to get declawing procedure. Do you think that this procedure is the best option for you or for your cat? Ask yourself.
So, what should you do next?
If you doubt and have no idea what you should do and what to consider whether you are going to declaw your cats or not, take some alternatives. There are many alternatives available to help you not to declaw your cats as below:

  • Nail trimming – They will not able to create serious damage to your furniture, rugs, and drapery with their blunt nail. It is a simple procedure that you only have to trim their nails regularly. it is good to start this habit since your cat is still a kitten so he can grow accustomed to it.
  • Scratching Post – Providing a good place for your cat to exercise so he will not damage the furniture and another area.
  • Soft Paws – Developed by a vet, this is a vinyl nail caps to adhere over cats’ claws. It is like press-on nails with some colors options or clear.

The final word is that if you have this decision and you don’t want anyone to stop you, focus on your cat’s need. It is a serious consideration for your cat. Declawing your cats mean you are going to remove their claws permanently and lead them to a drastic change in their life and behavior. If you love and care for your cat’s condition, rethink it. We believe that there is no such reason to declaw your cats as the sign of love. That is useless.
Altering Cats’ Gait Can Cause Joint Problems

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