The Common Mistakes New Cat Owners Make

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#1 Before Getting A New Cat

Well, it is a huge step to adopt your first cat. Congratulations! Nevertheless, you cannot take everything too light. In fact, cats have their independent natures. It is wrong to assume that it is not necessary to take care of the cat. Before buying a new cat because you fall in love with their cute look, complete your homework first. Your homework is about how to understand cats better. To do so, you should know why they do the things they always love to do.
Having this understanding, of course, can be a big help so that you can avoid the common mistakes most new cat owners always do. Eventually, you can avoid the common mistakes experienced cat owners do. As a result, you are living with a happier and healthier cat with the long-term companionship.
It is okay if you have to take long, hard weeks just to make sure that anyone at home agrees to have one or two cats.
#1 Before Getting A New Cat

#2 Adopting A Cat In Haste

In fact, the case is so different. For example, you have an impulse-buy matter to a new t-shirt or new outfit in your life. Well, you can even return these items in the case that there is something wrong like the colors are not what you expect or the size is not right. Your seller perhaps will change it with other items and there will be no harm or no foul because the purse does not suffer from the rejection. What about a cat?
You are adopting a living creature and it will be part of the family member. Therefore, the case is totally different. It is important to consider carefully when you decide to adopt a new cat. It is okay if you have spent a long and hard time just to make sure that your decision to adopt the cat is what you need. If possible, you should see the cat several times at the local pet food store on the adoption days. In fact, you can still adopt the cat after three weeks of seeing the cat. If you really want to adopt the cat, you should bring the cat to your vet in the following day.
#2 Adopting A Cat In Haste

#3 Invest in Pet Insurance Immediately

It is not something too much to say that adopting a new cat is the same as adopting a child. Your adoption agency will not release a cute cat to someone who has no financial preparation to give the cat the best care. Eventually, some cat adoption groups and shelter will do such an investigation. You are going to take care of the basic needs and the anticipation of emergencies.
Once you adopt your first cat, do not waste your time to invest in pet insurance immediately. This is good to save your wallet in the future, even many times as your cat grows.
#3 Invest in Pet Insurance Immediately

#4 Spay or Neuter A New Cat

Spay or neuter your cat and always know what to do when you have failed to do this. Male cats will spray in every available surface of your house or escaping outdoors just to fight with other cats. Meanwhile, female cats can keep you awake because they are loud yowling during estrus along with the surprising litters. Those are a little matter about raising cats. So, it is good to raise a litter of kitten because the cost is worth. Besides, spay and neuter can happen because the problem is there; the overwhelming population.

#5 Ignore Veterinary Treatment

Cats can recover themselves from the minor illness quickly. But, they can even die quickly if you cannot recognize the emergency situation. Of course, your cats need vaccinations and annual examinations. They need and deserve immediate veterinary treatment when they are sick or injured. Don’t even delay the treatment just to find the best vet.

#6 Cat Food Choices And False Economy

You can save your money by buying cheap cat food.  But what can do you if your cat took many times to get the vet care? Cats are carnivores and therefore they need enough source of meat protein. They cannot take too much grain fillers like corn since they don’t even need it. You should learn about the best food for your cat and the best brands to afford.

#7 Declawing

For beginners, they want to declaw path when their vet offer to declaw the cat when they spay her. It is sad to know that some vets declaw cats as the routine surgery. On the other hands, cat advocates took it as the cruel inhumane case for all cats. Declawing is about the surgical amputation of the first joint of the bones. Do not do this if you never learn from any information.

#8 Allow A Cat To Roam Free Outdoors

Cats deserve freedom, sunshine, and fresh air of the outdoor life. On the other hands, it is possible to make cats healthy and happy indoors. It does not mean that you cannot offer the best of the worlds. You can even keep your cat safe and happy with some number of compromises.

#9 Ignore The Need Of Litter Box Maintenance

Cats need a litter box and they will use it consistently. If the litter box is clean with no scent and unpleasant feel to their feet, they will always use it. Therefore, you should maintain the litter box carefully to avoid any litter box avoidance matters.
#9 Ignore The Need Of Litter Box Maintenance

#10 The Cat Property

Cat lovers will help you understand that cats are more than just the part of the family members; they are the pets and the property. This is something legal to say that cat is property, especially in some jurisdictions. Many cat lovers show that their cats are like the owner of them.
#10 The Cat Property

#11. Not Allowing a Cat As A Cat

Cats always have their unique way and they are the real endearing creatures. On the contrary, there are some traits that will lead to frustration just because we cannot understand their needs. It is possible for cats to seek out of high places just to sharpen their claws because they are cats. Therefore, we should accommodate their needs in possible ways.

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