Substituted the pastry base with a biscuit base but kept the filling and meringue to the recipe. Delicious! You can’t go wrong with one of Angela Nilsen’s ultimates and this is no exception Ingredients For […]

The secrets of how to make CHAFFLES perfectly! Includes the best basic keto chaffles recipe, sweet chaffles (cinnamon churro + pumpkin), savory chaffles (jalapeno popper + garlic parmesan), tips, tricks, tricks, and substitutions. This keto […]

Perfect for parties and it goes wonderfully with a nice glass of cocktail or Bailey’s liqueur. This chocolate and peppermint quick fudge is the ultimate refreshing and chocolatey dessert that you should definitely try! Quick […]

Have you ever had a chocolate craving so intense that the normal cookie or chocolate bar can’t cure it? Well, when you have the need for a real hit of the good stuff, you need […]