The cake tastes even better after a day or two and I can taste the salty/sweet flavor better. It is the perfect balance. Great texture.  An easy gluten-free vanilla cake recipe that is tender and […]

Every cake baking adventure starts with a good vanilla cake! It’s the universally loved cake flavor that acts as a great canvas on which to build other flavors. Ingredients: Vanilla Cake 4 oz unsalted butter […]

Yes, This Cake is easy to make. This 2-Ingredient Cola Cake is very delicious and tasty. INGREDIENTS PAM® Baking Spray 1 pkg (15.25 oz each) Duncan Hines® Classic Devil’s Food Cake Mix 1 can (12 […]

Best dessert ever I made it for my family and they love it with cinnamon sugar dusted tortilla chips, vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of warm chocolate syrup. Ingredients 2 tablespoons granulated sugar 4 […]

It’s easy to make, the filling is quite light but flavour is still rich. Maybe I should have added more biscuits for the base as I was spreading quite thinly. Nice dessert. This chocolate tart […]

This delicious Bakewell tart recipe is easy to make. A Bakewell tart is an English confection consisting of a shortcrust pastry shell beneath layers of jam, frangipane, and a topping of flaked almonds. Ingredients 1 x shortcrust pastry recipe […]

This Chocolate Clementine Torte is Sweet and rich, with the tartness of the clementines – or mandarins, as they’re known in Australia. Amazing! Ingredients: 350 g quality dark chocolate , (70%) 250 g unsalted butter […]

This trifle is both beautiful and it sounds delicious! Elegant and so beautiful Sonal, I love trifle, cake and pudding and whipped cream, it’s just a heavenly combination. An easy Trifle dessert recipe that requires […]