Love this recipe. I had almost given up on trying to cook pork chops. My husband and I loved this. Excellent juicy pork! Just threw out mom’s recipe I’ve been using for decades. Didn’t want […]

This little bowl of goodness has a layer of spinach at the bottom so it’s actually quite a nutritious meal! Use this recipe as a base to add your own touch – use other greens […]

This baked beans recipe is extremely healthy and has a great depth of flavour due to 2 extra (simple) steps that most baked beans recipes do not have. This recipe can be made using either dried […]

The recipe for these chicken taquitos is my standard chicken taquito filling for kids. It’s very mild and also very flexible. My base is shredded chicken, plus two kinds of cheese (the cream cheese really […]

This recipe is not my usual 15 minute meal. But it is so awesome being able to have a stash of soufflés in the freezer I just had to share this, it’s sheer brilliance! Double Baked Make Ahead […]