The people who invented the command hooks must have been god send. These hooks are easy to install, don’t require you to destroy your furniture by drilling holes into it in order to keep them steady.

These inexpensive plastic hooks may be very simple in their looks, but they are your best bet if you want to keep your house organized and clean. In order to do so, here are 12 brilliant ways to use command hooks to make daily life easier and comfy.

1 Organize your laundry room by hanging up laundry hampers

You can save a lot of floor space by using the command hooks in your living rooms. You can put the hooks on the walls and use them to hang baskets from it. Then put your laundry bags in the baskets and using them as laundry hampers.

Saves valuable space on the floor and it is easy to remove the bags from comfy height rather than bending and also makes it easy to clean it

laundry hampers

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2 Mini TV station with your iPad

Use the command hooks to hook your iPad to the wall and making a makeshift entertainment center for yourself. You can easily hook the iPad to the wall or the ceiling in order to view the movies or your favourite TV shows comfortably.

Mini TV station with your iPad

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3 Keep the garbage bag from tipping over in the car

Even your car collects garbage or sometimes, you need to carry garbage bags in the car to dump them. But either you have to tie them or keep them at an angle so that they don’t spill I the car and ruin the car.

Hence install the command hooks near the floor of the car and hook the bags into it so that they don’t spill during a long journey.

garbage bag.

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4 Organize the smaller items in your cleaning closet so they don’t get misplaced

A cleaning closet contains many things like cleaning fluid, cleaning mops and scrappers. You can easily hang the mops and scrappers using the command hook making room for bottles and containers of fluids.

items in your cleaning closet

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5 Use in the pantry to hold bags of chips

Use command hooks in the inside of the doors of the closets and hang the packets of chips after folding them and using stationary pins to seals them.

Then you can hang those pins on the hooks, saving lots of spaces on the counters or the closets to store half eaten bags of chips.

bags of chips

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6 Paper towel holders

Also these command hooks make excellent paper towel holders on the kitchen counter. Just use a metallic wire and pass it through the empty space in the roll. Now make a hook at the ends of the wire and hang it using the command hooks on the counter.

This will make it easy to remove the towels and when you want to replace the roll, just remove the wire and replace the role and hang it again.

Paper towel holders

Image Source: www.organizewithsandy.com

7 DIY charging station idea

One of the major drawbacks of companies removing the string attaching space from the phones is that now you have find a place to keep your phone while you put it on charging.

Now just install some command hooks close to each other beneath the electric points to keep your mobile while it is charging.

DIY charging station idea

Image Source: www.awesomeinventions.com

8 Hang your bathroom towels on the back of the door to dry

Instead of always using the dryer to dry your towels, install some command hooks on the back of the bathroom doors to hang your towels to dry.

It will save lots of space to install rods to actually hang the towels to dry.

towels on the bathroom hooks

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9 Hang your keys so they don’t get lost

Use command hooks to hang your keys instead of throwing them anywhere when you return from outside. Install the hooks near the door so that you remember to take the keys and go out and then put the keys back on the hooks when you come back.

Hang your keys on hooks

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10 Tidy up messy cords

Have too many messy cords to take care of in your desk drawer. Use these hooks on the computer table closet doors and roll up the cords and hang them on the hooks. You won’t have to spend minutes untangling the cords before using them.

Tidy up messy cords

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11 Hang your small kitchen utensils, pots, and pans on the door

Want to save major space on the counter and closet space in kitchen, use these hooks. Install the hooks on the doors of the closets or a wall and hang you pans, pots and their lids on these hooks to save space in the kitchen.

small kitchen utensils

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12 Hang up the shampoo rack

Conditioner and Shampoo bottles taking too much space in the bath, use these hooks in order to hang your shampoo racks in the shower in order to keep these bottles near to you to use during the shower.

shampoo rack

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