It is a common problem for the earth to get pelted with all debris from the space all the time. It only burns up, or break apart in the atmosphere. When one makes a big hit to the ground, and they are not too big. They are just a small

The solar system consists of the Sun and the eight planets. There are many interesting facts to know in the solar system, including the moons. 10. Ganymede At a glance, Ganymede reminds you to Earth’s moon. The big difference is the size. It is the largest moon in the solar

Chris Hadfield explained that astronaut had to deal with the stress caused by the risk of flying to the sky, the picture of the fail for a thousand times before the time comes. If they imagined the failure that comes true, of course, it would shock the public consciousness all

Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking, and Elon Musk are some of the prominent technologists and scientists. If you think we can colonize the universe, you are not alone. They have expressed their argument that it is possible to colonize in the space. Even though we did not start our step on

Summer! It is the nicest thing we miss every year. Despite getting the warm weather, you can catch tans too. However, summer leaves uncomfortable feeling on your skin which is the major sunburn after bathing under the sun too much. Of course, it is painful and you will be scared

We cannot explain all sounds and the source or the cause of why the sounds exist. Even though we have done many things like analyzing, testing, or scrutinizing the sounds. These things happened to our scientists. They have the theories to strengthen their arguments, but they could not provide enough

The beginning of the story about Marvel Universe was about the one omnipotent being. He was the one who created the universe. The Big Bang was then followed by the existence of celestial beings. The universe started to split off into the multiple universes. Now, it is not something too

So, salad is only for summer? Well, I think right now it is time to change your mind. I have found good salad recipes for winter. They are juicy and delicious. Don’t worry, the ingredients are still available during the winter season. It just needs some modification. What I find

For all moms, having essential oils in your drawer in a must! I highly recommend it because you can make so many things, including varieties of sprays such as bug sprays, room sprays even makeup sprays. Besides, essential oils many everything possibles which is I don’t need to read the