The big bang is one of the interesting theories about the universe that modern cosmology can present. But, this is more than just an idea. It is a scientific theory because there is some strong evidence as for its base. For example, the cosmic microwave background is a kind of

When you decide to make some experiments on scientific research, it means you should be ready to admit your mistakes. That is what happened to older scientists before you. In fact, modern research commonly rejects old hoaxes, ideas, and myths. Today, we are going to provide you the ten of

What happens in a superposition-the circumstance in which particles can be in two or more places or states at the same time? So, it is a big question in quantum mechanics. Sadly, no one can answer this question. Recently, in a new paper, a group of researchers in Israel and

If we talk about quantum mechanics and how it works, scientists have established this thing for almost a century. But until today, we still do not know the real definition of it. This is what a cosmologist called Sean Carroll tried to say in his video. This argument may make

Quantum physics likely suggest to us that particles are lack of basic properties such as the definite location. There is an idea that nature is inherently probabilistic. So, particles have hard properties and this idea becomes the standard equations of quantum mechanics. Surprisingly, there is a new set of experiments

Conspiracy theories have strong domination when we are talking about the space, including the Moon. On the other hands, there are many awesome, or sometimes are controversial facts about moon landings. Here are the facts. 10. Andy Warhol’s Moon Penis Forrest Myers, an artist, approached NASA during the booming event,

There are about 100 billion stars in the Milky Way, and you probably wonder why it is hard for all scientists to find alien life. The presence of the alien is still one of the big questions in science. They could discover the entire new solar systems or stars that

The moon has included in religious beliefs, the countless cultures, and societies. Human curiosity makes us investigate all things about the Moon, and what we have learned are more interesting than listening to the legends. So, today, we would like to explore more about the moons, and all its fascinating

We are entering the new era of human evolution, and it is not a dream to colonize Mars. Well, not anymore. Can you believe it? Does it possible to us to land on Mars, the big, cold and lonely rock that spins through the endless void, 54.6 million kilometers away.