How To Know Your Cat Is Pregnant And Ready Giving Birth

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So, your cat was in heat and she had access to an unneutered male cat. If it happened, there is a strong possibility if she is pregnant. A pregnant cat can show the signs of her pregnancy through the personal and physical changes especially three weeks after breeding. The period of gestation for cats will be between 60 t 67 days. Here, you can consider using 63 days as the average gestation period is easier or memorable just like the human gestation (nine weeks vs. nine months).
A Pregnant Cat And The Physical Changes

A Pregnant Cat And The Physical Changes

If you see the signs below, we are sure that your cat is pregnant. Congratulation!
Heat Cycle Cease – The first sign you can notice. If you see that your cat is going through the heat cycles for every 10 days to two weeks and then suddenly stop, it seems she is pregnant.
Nipple Swell and Become Rosier – This is known as pinking that can be the first sign you can see in a pregnant cat.
Cat’s Appetite Increase – The pregnant cat will show her appetite is higher and she takes more interest in food. A pregnant cat needs to eat for her and for several fetuses.
Weight Gain – Most pregnant cats can gain two to four pounds of body weight due to the pregnancy.
Vomiting – The queens may get “morning sickness” just like a pregnant human. It is not something to worry about but if it is frequent vomiting, you should contact your vet immediately to get help.
Abdominal Enlargement – This condition happens sometimes around the fifth week of pregnancy. Her abdomen will start to swell and you can notice it. It will continue to enlarge until the birthing time is coming.
A Pregnant Cat And The Personality Changes

A Pregnant Cat And The Personality Changes

Pregnancy also becomes the reason why your cat has personality changes as below:
Increased Affection – Your cat may become more affectionate compared to the common. She seeks out your attention frequently and therefore, be more attentive.
Sleep More – Your pregnant cat will sleep for more hours compared to normal
Increased Affection: Your cat may become more affectionate than normal and frequently seek out your attention. By all means, give it to her!
Nesting Activities – It is not the initial sign of pregnancy. Nevertheless, her birthing and parturition period is getting closer. Of course, your pregnant cat needs several quiet and private places to choose the best location to give birth.

Pregnancy in Cats By Clinical Diagnosis

If your gat always has vet care regularly and the previous signs of pregnancy are obvious, it is unnecessary to have the official diagnosis done by a vet. Nevertheless, it is always better to ask your vet to examine the cat and to make sure she is fine with her pregnancy. If you want to spay her, it is better to make an appointment so that your vet can help.
Palpation of the abdomen – Your vet is able to feel the fetuses of your cat by palpating and pressing on the abdomen gently. This is a possible way to diagnose your cat around the 17th to 20th day of her pregnancy.
Ultrasound of Abdomen – Your vet is able to do an ultrasound of the cat’s abdomen to detect fetuses even in the second week of her pregnancy. The vet is also able to detect the heartbeats when the cat enters the third week of pregnancy.
Radiographs (X-rays) – Take a radiograph so that your vet will diagnose the cat’s abdomen along in her pregnancy. By doing this, the vet can determine the kittens she will be birthing. This is a safe way to diagnose the fetuses because it only uses small radiation. If your cat enters her 42 days of pregnancy, the spines and skulls of the kitten are visible on the X-rays.
Once your vet confirmed that your cat is pregnant, you should deal with some serious periods to decide. For example, if you spay her, of course, you should do it as early as possible. If you want to let the pregnancy come, you should be able to help your cat to take care for the kittens and find the good homes.
Signs Your Cat Is Ready To Give Birth Soon

Signs Your Cat Is Ready To Give Birth Soon

If you have no idea what are when the pregnant cat will give birth soon, you can take the signs below:
Nesting Activities: The parturition and birth period is getting closer so your pregnant cat will try to find the best quiet and private places as the place for the birth. He may start with two days prior to labor.
Restlessness: 24 to 48 hours before labor, your cat seems anxious and restless. Since it is pacing, she can go in and out of the nesting area.
Vocalization: Not only pacing and restless behavior, but the pregnant cat may also meow and even cry out that it is more than just the usual.
Lowered Body Temperature: In 24 hours of labor, your cat will experience low body temperature. The temperature can drop less than 100F. In fact, the normal temperature for a cat is between 100.5 and 102.5F.
Loss of Appetite: During her pregnancy, your cat will likely have the active appetite. Since he is coming close to the labor, she will show a drastic decrease in appetite.
Licking Vulva: Since the time to give birth approaches, your cat will start to lick her vulva. The purpose to do this is to clean the mild discharge. For your information, you cannot see a mild discharge because your cat wants to make sure the area is clean.
Once your cat starts her active labor, what you should do at this point is to leave her comfortably. Do not even disturb her period to give birth. In case that you want to watch your cat to start the active labor, you should only watch from the safe distance. If your cat feels unsafe, she will easily get stressed.
Those are all the things about the signs of pregnancy in cats and the signs when cats will give birth. Do you have a pregnant cat?
Signs Your Cat Is Ready To Give Birth Soon