How To Have Long-Lived Fruiting Plants in Pots

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Texas and Oklahoma gardeners should try to have long-lived fruiting plants during summer by growing them in containers. It is amazing to have some juicy strawberries, smooth figs, tart limes, and fresh blueberries? They are the nice fruits to grow in the backyard and even in containers.


Strawberries and blueberries are winter hardy in Zone 6. If you are using pots, planting strawberries are as easy as pulling and rolling the lime and fig tree inside. You should do it before the temperatures drop under 32 degrees F. Here is the tips on how to care for them:
First, if you want to grow strawberries, the best thing to do is choosing June-bearing varieties. The varieties only produce one crop. Meanwhile, ever-bearing varieties are able to produce two crops. Day-neutrals are the varieties that can produce berries even if it is frost.
In most areas in Oklahoma, it is possible for you to plan at the beginning of spring. On the other hands, if you live in the southeastern third of Oklahoma or in Texas, the best season to plant strawberries is in the fall.
After planting strawberries in the containers, the next important things to do for all gardeners are on how to prevent disease. What can you do to help? First, you should keep the fruit off the soil. One of the best ways to make sure that the fruits are off the soil is by mulching. In addition, you can fertilize June-bearers right after cropping them in July. Meanwhile, fertilize ever-bearers or day-neutrals right at the end of the summer.
What are the best pots for strawberries? Strawberries can grow perfectly in the wide pot which spread. In addition, using wide pot encourages the plants to form the more crowns. It is also good to eliminate the runners as they appear.
Blueberry shrub

Blueberry shrub

The shrubs are so popular for gardeners. First, it is because the plants work best as the great ornamentals, thanks to its colorful fall foliage. For you who live in Northeastern Oklahoma, choosing the highbush variety is the right choice. Meanwhile, if you love in Southeastern Oklahoma or in Texas, the ideal choice is the rabbiteye variety.
In addition, Blueberry plants need acidic soil and therefore the amendments are necessary. When planting, it is better to mix one part peat moss to two parts of potting soil.
Vaccinium X ‘Sunshine Blue’ or the Southern Highbush is the low-chill option that is ideal for warmer climates. It can bear fruit for about 150 hours with the temperature under 45 degrees in the winter. In addition, Semidwarf Shrub grows perfectly from 3 to 4 feet tall and wide. Since it is self-fruiting, the yields perfect when you plant near another blueberry variety that blooms at the same time.
Talking more about Blueberries, this plant needs regular watering especially when it is hot and dry and when you grow it in well-drained soil. If you plant it in extremely hot areas, they will love to sit for a while to enjoy some afternoon shelter. The plane is ideal to complete Oklahoma and Texas gardens.
Lime tree

Lime tree

Do you have a plan to grow a lime tree?
It is too tropical to have Fig trees for year-round cultivating. On the other hands, Ficus Carica or Brown Turkey can boast several applications, for example, container culture. It is hardy in Zones seven to nine that includes the large part of South Central areas. For this reason, gardeners are possible to choose whether they are going to plant it in the ground or in the large pot or container.
If you plant the elongated fruit with its brownish-maroon look, it is sweet, smooth, and of course, it is perfect for fresh eating, jams, and even baking. It grows as a small tree with 10 x 15 feet of tall and wide that can bear fruit in all summer. You can site the fig tree in full sun. But, it is important to note that this tree needs regular watering. If you want to move the tree from the pot to the ground after a couple of years, it is better since the fig tree will not take much water. It only needs less watering. Besides, you should prune the tree lightly in the winter so that the tree is still in tip-top shape.
There is also Dwarf Key Lime trees or known as Citrus aurantiifolia you can even grow in the large containers. Of course, this plant can be the best addition to complete your patio decoration. The size is average which is about five to eight feet tall and wide. The best part of the plant is they are shorter when you grow it on the containers. For this reason, it is easier to manage the plant.
Key Limes, of course, cannot tolerate temperature under 32 degrees F. They also need full sun to survive. Since it cannot tolerate cold weather, it is better to always bring them inside your home when the winter in your area is about frost. The green fruits are the best reward to harvest from fall through at the beginning of the winter. White and fragrant flowers will produce the fruit and that is the characteristic of lime flavor.
So, if you have not already planted the plants above, this summer should be the best time to enjoy all the fruits of your labor in your garden or even in your patio.
Those are all things you should know on how to have long-lived fruiting plants when you have no big spaces available around your home. Containers and pots are creative ideas to keep producing some fruits from your garden. Using your creativity, fertilizing your plants, pruning them, and everything you can do will keep them in a good shape even though they are surviving in the pots or containers. As long as you can fulfill what they need, of course, the plants will give you the best even though they have no big spaces like other fruiting plants on the ground. It is all about your concern to well-maintain the plants and to care for them all the time. Happy gardening!
Lime tree

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