How To Be Productive When You Cannot Find A Job

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Can you measure a man? Absolutely can! To measure a man, you only need to know what he does with his time. It is something normal to hit a rough patch in our lives and to find a hard situation with no job to pay the bills. Well, it does not a big deal not to find a job in this era. In fact, you can use the information and internet connection.
What you want to do at this time, if you have no ideas how to start it, you can use the Internet to find the tutorial and answer. In other words, we realize that if you can master a new skill, it makes you easily become advance in the new field. Here are some things to do when you are unemployed so you can make your future better.

1. Learn WordPress

In this era, you can find online shopping, crowdfunding, online small business, and others. Of course, these business fields need one thing that is the website. Most of the websites are WordPress sites. Therefore, you should learn more about WordPress to get a job. You can create a website, update the content and maintain the website.
Of course, learning WordPress without any previous knowledge of coding can be daunting, but believe it or not, it’s not that hard. You can go through video tutorials, take one step at a time, and with every small victory you’ll build up your confidence. Here’s another great website for WordPress beginners where you will learn some additional tricks that are certainly going to come in handy.
You’d be surprised just how many web design job offers there are on freelancing platforms, and you can apply any one you want. Just make sure you have a website of your own, to show what you are capable of. Again it may seem like investing a whole year is a lot of time, but this is a pretty safe bet, because it is a skill that definitely won’t go to waste.

2. Create A Website

Create your website as the part of your portfolio. It is unnecessary to make a web just to show up your skills because your website is your asset. Therefore, you create it with a purpose.
What can you do?
Create creative and interesting content, join in an affiliate program to sell other’s product and get the percentage for each sale on your website. Think about the topic of your website. Do you want to create a blogging platform, or maybe you want to create videos, or post edited images, basically create engaging content for people to enjoy.
Your website can either help people or entertain them, the important thing is to have a specific purpose and to live up to it. You will also need to pick a name for a website, which will most likely become your brand name at some point, and quality branding is quite important nowadays. So, do not just pick any name at random, since you need something that people can easily discover when looking for content that is on your website.
Another thing to look out for when creating a website is getting a quality web hosting services. Web Hosting and website’s code complexity influence its loading speed. If your site needs more than 5 seconds to load a single page, then visitors are very likely to leave without giving it a chance.

3. Become A Blogger

A video blogger or a blogger is also a profitable hobby that is worth to try. The challenge is to become an influential blogger to do a different thing. If you want to become an online celebrity, it will be your full-time job so you need to rewrite or spin other contents.
Your posts and content you create need to exceed what can be currently found on the Internet. This is called 10X content, and the name suggests that it needs to be 10 times better than the existing content on the same topic. It’s something that’s really hard to create, and it’s very time to consume, but it is definitely worth it.

4. A Freelancer

You can be a freelance writer, graphic designer, or web designer. There are also jobs for those who are skilled at the sound, picture or video editing. However, even as a freelancer, you’ll need to look professional if you are to land a job.
So, if you have a blogging portfolio or a website that is certainly going to increase your chances significantly. Also, you should make a DeviantArt account to present your graphic design skills, and as far as video and sound editing goes, you can go with a YouTube account.

5. Learn New Skills

Lastly, you can learn some new skills in general that do not require you to sit behind a desk all day, like coding, writing, or drawing. There are ways to earn enough money as a handy-man since there are also job platforms for those tasks as well. Again you can also learn by watching tutorials, and you’ll have a skill set that will always be useful, and you won’t have to feel like you are unproductive.
If you become a skillful craftsman, you can both repair and create items. You can become a DIY expert and create decorations and furniture that you can sell online on eBay or Etsy. For example there are a ton of DIY pallet projects that are quite easy to pull off, but look amazing at the same time.