Fort Collins’ Top 5 Trails For Hiking & Running

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Have you spent your little time to enjoy the legendary scene of microbrew in Fort Collin? What about trying the best running and hiking trails from the downtown?
Okay, you may think that Fort Collins is all about the microbrew community. It is also the best gateway to the Rocky Mountains. You only need 45 minutes from The Rocky Mountain National Park and even less than that to the Cache La Poudre River Canyon. The bonus is no crowds and no traffic.
If you are in Fort Collin, here are the five top trails for hiking and running from the city.

1. Coyote Ridge Trail

The hogbacks offer beautiful views along with the Front Range that will divide the Rocky Mountains and the Great Plains. The Ridge trail offers a large parking area with the big signage. For the first half-mile of the trail is great because it is flat with numerous dog colonies, restrooms, and a small cabin. It is also important to aware of the blind curves because there are many mountain bikers, as well.
Please note that the trail does not allow dogs.
Pack list:
Nutrition, water, good hiking or running shoes, warm clothing for winter trail, sunscreen, and map
With out-and-back trail type, 550 feet of elevation gain and 3 miles of distance, the place is great for mountain biking, photography, chilling, hiking, and running. The place is great for any season and even for a beginner with no skills to hike.

2. Arthur’s Rock Trail

We include this trail in the list because you can even enjoy the spectacular views of the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountain. Eventually, the place offers the scenic wildflower and forest, Horsetooth reservoir and hogsback.
The starting point of the trail is from the downtown of Fort Collins and you can climb to the summit of the Arthur’s Rock. You can complete the trail in just 30 minutes. The place is also great for hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, trail running, and horseback riding. If you head to the trail in winter, the snow may cover the trail. Therefore, you must plan everything wisely.
Pack list:
Hiking or running shoes, sunscreen, nutrition, water, map, and warm clothing if in winter
The location is great for a beginner with 1150 feet of elevation and 3.7 miles of distance. In addition, the location is ideal if you look for the picnic area, wildflowers, wildlife, and family-friendly area with bathrooms. Therefore, it should be the best place that you will never forget in the lifetime!

3. Hewlett Gulch Trail

If you are in Fort Collins, visit this trail in just 20 minutes to enjoy hiking or running with your family. For this reason, the spot is great for a family. Best of all, you do not have to spend a penny on the parking area. It takes 2.5 hours to hike and it needs an hour to run.
The reasons to visit the place are the forest, the stream and the meadow with flowers, especially in the summer. If you want to gradually climb the trail, you should take the right path. Otherwise, you have to run uphill. You may also run into a snake or even more. It depends on the time of year you visit the area.
Pack list:
Snacks, backpack, and water. These are all things you will need.
There are some activities to do in this location such as fitness, running, and hiking with 800 feet of elevation gain and 8.5 miles of distance. With the loop trail type, you can visit it in any season even if it requires intermediate skill to hike.

4. Greyrock Mountain Trail

If you are in downtown Fort Collins, it only takes 30 minutes to go to this trail. You can climb the Greyrock Mountain and continue through the Cache La Poudre Canyon. You can check out the majestic granite dome with the high towers that reach 2,000-inch above the terrain. Therefore, the area is great for climbing and hiking. In addition, you will love the scenic views of the Comanche Peak Wilderness together with the Rocky Mountain National Park.
Pack list:
You don’t need any permits to hike to the Greyrock Mountain and camping is okay anywhere in the area as long as you are about 25 miles from the Cache La Poudre River. The equipment and gear you want to bring depending on the season. Bring water, trail food, and sunscreen will make you have no problems in the end.
With the loop trail type and 3000-feet of elevation gain, you should try to visit this trail in any season. The trail is great for a beginner with 7.1 miles of distance to challenge.
The interesting activities to do are chilling, camping, running, photography, backpacking, fitness, hiking, and rock climbing. This is the ideal place to hike if you love the views of forest, river, wildflowers, and wildlife.

5. Horsetooth Rock Trail

You can arrive in this trail after driving about 4 miles from Fort Collins. The park offers 2,886 acres with 29 miles for hiking, biking, and horseback riding. The location offers splendid views, especially if you come early to enjoy the sunrise.
Even though there are multi-use trail and the hiking trail, we recommend you to try the hiking trail. It means that you will enjoy the views with the single track trail to complete your experience. Besides, the trail provides clear mark and signs for each turn. Since the trail is so popular, it is good to come before 10 a.m. Even if dogs are welcome, but you should keep your dog on a lease. There are also several dog stations along with 3 backcountry campsites.

Pack list:
Credit or debit card for parking (you will need $6.00), tripod, camera, windproof jacket, water, and 10 essentials.
With 5 miles of distance and 1440 feet of elevation gain, there are many things to do here such as fitness, running, hiking, photography and chilling. Besides, the place is available in any season and the trail is easy even for a beginner with no experience of hiking. So, if you need a breathtaking trail with easy parking, dog-friendly, family-friendly option, we think you should pick this one!
Enjoy your holiday!