Fiction books and movies talk about time travel quite a lot. But, is it possible to build a time machine so we can go backward and forward in time in real life? It is reasonable to say that we are all time travelers. Why? We move forward in time from

The String Theory is one of the most controversial and brilliant ideas even though no physicists have proven it. The heart of this theory is the thread of an idea that has run through physicists for many centuries. It is all about the different forces, interactions, particles, and manifestations of

The universe is full of stars. All those stars, of course, have planets. These planets are surely livable. So, why have we always been alone? Enrico Fermi, the Italian physicist who proposed this question in 1950. This is an eponymous paradox that scientists offered a lot of solution since then.

One of the controversial arguments about the universe is that our universe is like a random bubble in an endless from empty space. It goes the same if we talk about the multiverse. The multiverse hypothesis is about the tiny amount of energy infused in empty space, namely the vacuum

We call this Mpemba Effect. A long time ago, Aristotle was the first man who noticed how hot water froze faster than cold. Even though water is one of the most abundant compounds on this planet, it is also one of the more mysterious compounds. Most liquids it becomes denser

Theoretical physics are complicated and that is its reputation. If we can write down the natural laws in mathematical form, it means the laws are simple. This is quite different from other scientific disciplines. Sadly, solving the equations is not always simple. For instance, we have a nice theory that

Physics is one of the fields in science that humans still could not solve some of the biggest problems. Even these things are impossible for humans to solve. It is not all about the difficulty, but it can be time-consuming. Therefore, Artificial Intelligence becomes the new hope for humans to

We can say that the 20th century became the most productive period for physicists. At that time, it was when Albert Einstein stated his theory of generative relativity. He helped us to view that gravity is not a force. It is a distortion of space. After that, Max Plancks, Werner