The most fantastic thing about this pie is that it is no-bake.  There is just something so wonderful about not having to turn on the oven on hot days.  Then, there is something even better […]

The coconut whipped cream on top. Seriously the best part about the pie. So creamy and delicious on top of the key lime pie. The crust is also made of graham cracker and coconut. This […]

This pie is absolutely incredible and super simple to make!Plus, this pie could double for either upcoming holiday – Thanksgiving OR Christmas. I’m leaning more towards Christmas though because that vibrant red color just screams […]

My family loved each and every layer of these luscious bars. Nilla Wafers, Cream Cheese, Bananas, Pudding, Whipped Topping and Caramel are all combined into one delicious dessert. If you want to try something a […]

Everything about this pie is no-bake, including the homemade graham cracker crust. You will have to make sure the crust and the filling set before digging in. Can’t wait? That’s what the bowl is for. […]

I made this and it was so beautiful. This tasty fruit pizza recipe that takes all the guilt out of pizza eating. Sugar cookie, covered with a sweet cream cheese spread, and topped with your […]

Substituted the pastry base with a biscuit base but kept the filling and meringue to the recipe. Delicious! You can’t go wrong with one of Angela Nilsen’s ultimates and this is no exception Ingredients For […]

I also made these last year, for the grown-ups! i added extra mincemeat and maple syrup. My husband has just asked for them again so had to look for the recipe. The first batch were […]

I made this for Christmas Day in the Caribbean. Because I was cooking on a boat, I cheated with the base and used a bought one, which was chocolate flavoured and I wasn’t sure the […]

This sandwich evolved from our spectacular Keto 90 Second Bread French Toast Recipe, which is superb all on it’s own. Another great option for a simple breakfast plate! This recipe is so simple and easy, […]