If we have to talk about what is the great exercise to a dog, it is swimming. Well, it is a fun exercise with low impact. Your dog can stay cool even though he has […]

The secret of losing weight is always the same that is about eating less and exercising more. Nevertheless, that is not always as simple as we can say. Nevertheless, if you can break it down […]

The common answer to lose weight is to eat less and to exercise more. Well, the truth is not as simple as that. If we want to lose, it means we need to burn more […]

It is amazing to have a dog at home but it is also important to note that you must be able to keep your house clean and neat. Well, that is the challenging part of […]

The American Pet Products Association, APPA, reported that American’s spent about $69.5 billion just to care for their pet in 2017. In addition, ASPCA reported that the cost of the first year of owning pet […]

When it is all about giving your dog human food, there are some of your food are highly toxic to your dog and even your dog has to deal with life-threatening problems. If you want […]