Having pets mean you are ready to accept accidents at home, inside and outside. Your dog may choose to puke on the carpet than on the clean tile. Of course, it is not fun to clean up your pet stains. But, there are some easier methods to do. Here are

There are two common reasons why people avoid cats. First, they fear this cute creature and second, they dislike them. Of course, some people hope to have a cat but they cannot bear the allergic reactions. Well, it depends on the nature of the allergies itself if it is all

So, your cat was in heat and she had access to an unneutered male cat. If it happened, there is a strong possibility if she is pregnant. A pregnant cat can show the signs of her pregnancy through the personal and physical changes especially three weeks after breeding. The period

As the dangerous parasitic creatures, the tick is able to lodge into the cat’s fur and even into the cat’s skin. Not only a gross, that ticks also carry several dangerous diseases that can affect you and your cats such as tularemia, Lyme disease, and Rocky Mountain Spotted fever. It

Perhaps, you are planning to do declawing your cat or your vet suggests doing this surgery at the same time when you do neutering your cat. Of course, it is better to take more time and consider these arguments against your plan. Declawing means that you are doing a life-altering

To us, vacations are something fun, but that is not something for fun especially for cats. This cute animal cannot deal with any change, including environmental changes and routine. When you want to play together with your cats by inviting them to go somewhere for holiday, their stress will come

Just like raising a kid, you even don’t want to see him laying on a bed suffering for certain illness. You want to see your cat always active, healthy, and running here and there, missing you that when you are home he runs to you and licks you to show