You may get startled when you love your dog so much that one day, you see a black spot on his tongue. Does he suffering from dangerous illness? Does it mean he is pat Chow? What should you do? Can you remove the spot? Why your dog? With a lot

The bad weather forces you and your dog spend more time and stuck indoors. At that time, if the weather is good, you always bring your dogs out to do some exercising options. You have tried to cuddle on the couch with your dog while watching TV. But, are you

Having pets mean you are ready to accept accidents at home, inside and outside. Your dog may choose to puke on the carpet than on the clean tile. Of course, it is not fun to clean up your pet stains. But, there are some easier methods to do. Here are

Do you need some best exercises for a senior dog to keep him active and fit? Daily walking routine and low impact exercises are perfect for dogs with mobility problems. Here are the best tips for exercising for a senior dog. Talk To Your Vet Before Changing Exercise Routine You

We agree that playing with dogs is so much fun. It can reduce our stress and can create a bond with our dog. Other benefits of playing with dogs that we rarely talk about are that it increases their overall well-being. Playing with dog supports cognitive, physical, and social benefits.

It is not easy to teach your dog not to bite. It is something embarrassing that anytime your dog is coming, you are running away screaming for many times. In the first couple of the weeks, you may learn about how to teach your dog not to bite. If you

You will never realize how attentive is your dog until he sees a squirrel runs in front of him. So, it is not easy to try to keep his attention when a squirrel runs but luckily, it can work on his focus. In fact, it is possible to improve his