The majority of injuries in the ski runs are from the speeding skiers. This is why they are welcomed with the introduction of safety as prevention. Besides, the major causes of accidents are from alcohol that causes lack of awareness. In fact, reducing the huge number of accident in the

If you are an avid skier, challenging ski runs are your most wanted holiday. The green and blue slopes will be so boring for extreme skin run lovers. If you hear the triple black diamond, this article is for you. What Makes The Ski Slope Black Diamonds? Actually, there are

There are some skiers who just want to wake up and discover the beautiful scenery with the subtle sunlight near the window that they just don’t like to wake up in the bunk beds or taste the instant noodles. That’s a “No, No”. They need luxurious hotels and ski resorts

Japan’s ski resorts are best known with its beautiful mountain scenery, unique ski tradition as well as culture. They are around 500 resorts across the country with varying size, exoticness which some of them are overlooked by the tourists. Due to its huge intention, so it is not a new

Skiing might become the easiest or the most challenging sport for everyone. But if you love the extreme runs, the safety equipment is more than a personal choice. Meanwhile, National Ski Patrol, as well as Professional Ski Instructors of America, also encourage everyone to wear a helmet for avoiding unpredictable

For ski enthusiasts, visiting other countries and experiencing the new challenge are awesome. However, different feel, weathers, mountains until the cultures become the main obstacles to do skiing as normal as we usually do in our country. This is clear when you ski in France, US, or Japan, etiquettes are

For people who love challenging their adrenaline, doing normal skiing will be so boring. However, falling often will be considered as the risk which means you will not stop until you  reach the bottom. But if you think hardcore skiing means jumping down from some runs with 80 percent decline,