It is awesome to have a few nights enjoying the beautiful high desert sky in Arizona. Well, Arizona is really something, especially for all campers. You can enjoy the epic vistas, endless hiking and biking access trails, and lakes to paddle with your dog or your partners. Some of the campsites below we think are the best because you can even head to these campsites in less than an hour from the nearest city. Best of all, you do not have to plan and think too much to explore the campsites. Indeed, the areas are great for those who need the last minute escape into the wild and forget the entire busy world. Here, we have collected the best campsites in Arizona. Now, choose among the 10 and pack up your car.

1. Lost Dutchman State Park

The camping spot is dog-friendly that even can be the great base camp for those who want to explore more for the Superstition Mountains. You can go hiking or biking and then hit the trail right after spending a night. The reason why you should camp at the Lost Dutchman State Park is the outdoor activities to do. Hiking trails, easy scenic hike with the Treasure Loop, and not too much elevation change. If you need something challenging, why don’t hike from the Siphon Draw Trail to the Flatiron Summit?
Lost Dutchman State Park
Pack list:
Campsite reservation, camping equipment, firewood, cooking equipment, food, camera
What can you do here are camping, chilling, photography, running, mountain biking, rock climbing and hiking. This place is also great for beginner to visit in any time of the year.

2. Car Camp the Mogollon Rim

If you are in Phoenix, it only needs a few hours to head to this place. It is one of the best Arizona’s hidden secrets. You can enjoy the amazing and expansive views of the Coconino National Forest.
In addition, there are a dozen campsites around the area available that you can even do reservations and first come first serve. Other than that, you can check the Mogollon Rim Ranger District website that provides the details of the campsites. Follow the map, and you will explore from the edge of the Mogollon Rim Ranger District to the Clint Well Campground.
Pack list:
Sleeping bag with 25 degrees rated minimum, sleeping pad, extra blankets or comforters, tent, lots of water, food, camera, bathroom essentials, journal
Chilling, camping, hiking, and photography are a great thing to do in this place especially for a beginner that you can even visit the place in any time of the year.

3. Patagonia Lake State Park

Patagonia Lake State Park offers 250 acres with great outdoor adventures. The park makes you able to camp, canoe, kayak, and even walk along the shoreline of the lake.
It can boast over 100 campsites for both tents and RVs. The place also provides a picnic table and fire pit with the restroom. If you want to find a little more solitude and adventure, you can try 13 boat-in campsites on the shore of the lake that you can access by boat only. If we have to say that the best campsite is on the Patagonia Lake’s sole island with the ultimate spot to relax such as the sounds of waves, the trees to shade and the epic hammock.
Patagonia Lake State Park
Pack list:
Tent, camera, swimsuit, picnic food, fishing gear
What you can do here are chilling, stand up paddling, camping, fishing, kayaking, swimming, hiking, and photography. This place is perfect for beginner to enjoy the loop trail in any time of the year.

4. Pine Grove Campground

Find luxurious amenities such as tables, showers, drinking water, and others. This place is also the home for many lakes you should explore. Besides, the area is a great campsite especially if you bring all your family members.
Pack list:
Tent, sleeping bag, towel for showering, coins for the shower, shower flip-flops, tarps, hiking shoes
Chilling, camping, photography, and hiking are the best activities to do here especially if you are a beginner that looks for the new adventure at any time of the year. The forest, lake, wildlife, and wildflowers are worth for your time.

5. Burnt Corral Campground on Apache Lake

It is one of the most popular lakes to recreate in Arizona since it is the best place to do almost anything like hiking, fishing, boating, water skiing, camping, and others.  The place located in Superstition Wilderness that is at 65 miles northeast of Phoenix.
Burnt Corral Campground on Apache Lake
Pack list:
Camping gear, hiking gear
The area is great for beginner to visit in spring, autumn, and summer. This is the ideal place if you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery of forest, lakes, and swimming holes.

6. Red Rock

This is a nice place to hike and camp that you can reach less than half an hour if you are from Flagstaff. This place is also a great last-minute option for your weekend adventure if you want to escape from the town. The views are beautiful here.
Pack list:
Sleeping bag based on the weather, sleeping pad or mat, 3 liters of water per person, backpack if you are hiking, food camera, lighter if you do camping, hammocks, hiking shoes or boots or trail runners, mountain bike, car with 4WD with medium to high clearance
Chilling, camping, hiking and photography are the things to do here. The area is great for beginner to visit in autumn, summer, and spring.

7. Marshall Lake

This place is the great campsites near the lake with few trails to get out and relax. It is the ideal choice if you look for a place that welcomes family and dogs. The forest lake is the main attraction here. Even beginners should head to this place especially during summer, spring, and autumn.
Pack list:
Hiking gear, camping gear
Marshall Lake

8. Arizona’s A1 Mountain

Do camping and hiking in this place. It is another favorite spot to enjoy that will never take too much hour for you if you are from Flagstaff. You can run or hike the trails around the campsite and then take the epic views of the San Francisco Mountains.
Pack list:
Tent, backpack, hydration, food, shells or warm mid-layers, sunglasses, bug repellant for summer or spring visits
Chilling, camping, running, and photography is the best things to do here for beginners at any time of the year.

9. Roosevelt Lake Overlook

Do you want a very secluded and primitive campsite to enjoy? Well, take this offer. The sites are rocky we recommend you to pack a comfortable sleeping pad or mattress. You should stake out any shelters to deal with the strong winds as well. It takes 20 minutes away to go to a Walmart to complete your supplies.
Pack list:
The 4WD vehicle, tent, mattress or sleeping pad, water, food, toiletries, binoculars, camera
Chilling, camping, hiking and photography are the best things to do here especially for beginners. It is good to visit the place in autumn, spring, or winter.

10. The View Campground in Monument Valley

This iconic landscape has been shown in the movies and it is your opportunity to enjoy the view.
Pack list:
Tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, camp cookware, hiking boots to hike Wildcat hike or a guided hike
It offers 3.2 miles of distance with no elevation gain. Do camping, hiking, and photography that beginners must visit in summer and autumn with the loop trail is waiting for you!