Summer offers you nice weather, great views, and no muddy trail that makes it perfect to spend your time to enjoy some outdoor hikes. Whether you want to do rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, and anything, it is important to concern on your outdoor preparation and physical condition. It is

The Highlights Of Antelope Canyon Back to millions of years ago, the area here was the sandy desert. When rain fell, the sand soaked up the water and hardened the sand. The heat hardened the compressed sand and formed Navajo Sandstone. By the time, the crack formed due to earthquakes.

You are so lucky if you live in Oregon. It means that you can enjoy the outdoor activities once you leave out of the city and drive for an hour. The outdoor adventures are quite many in Oregon. If you go outside during the snowy months, you can enjoy many

Do you visit San Diego? Or, do you live near San Diego? If you want to enjoy the beautiful coastal views, we recommend you to head to Torrey Pines Hike, La Jolla. Even if you ask us about all the cities we love to come back, we would say, San

Most trails in the Gorge are closed due to the Eagle Creek Fire damage in 2017. It was because of the careless act that destroyed so much of interesting parts in George. For the outdoor enthusiast, this bad news is the saddest. If you go to Latourell Falls, it is

Kyrgyzstan is one of the popular options for outdoor enthusiasts. Most of them spend their time in the mountains with the spectacular hiking experience that make it different from hiking in the states. In this country, you need to deal with the moderate hike. We hope that our post here

Flying over the mountains with your pilot look at you and ask you whether you are ready to fly the plane or not. Once your hands on the control, you cannot believe that this is going to be your most spectacular experience in your lifetime. You can see the ocean,

Located at the Great Basin National Park, your eyes may need a few seconds to adjust the darkness with the unique formation and the complete stillness around you. No sounds unless the water dripping in the distance. This is a great cave you will never find in any other places.