We consider to put together some tips and hacks we have learned from others for over the years and some more valuable tips from the heat setter at the Brooklyn Boulders. We hope that the tricks below are helpful makes you get faster and better on your climbing journeys. 1.

Well, we do not mind if you think that we are hardcore about climbing. What we think is that we really enjoy going the climbing gym during the work break. If we are not traveling or out on the local outdoors for a little adventure, we love to spend most

Flying over the mountains with your pilot look at you and ask you whether you are ready to fly the plane or not. Once your hands on the control, you cannot believe that this is going to be your most spectacular experience in your lifetime. You can see the ocean,

Turn the corner and see the giant staples along the granite. It is a jaw-dropping experience that you are about climbing the rungs. Take a deep breath and move your clips onto the steel cable. Now your turn and start your ascent. All About Via Ferrata It is Italian which

1. Big Bear Discovery Center It is a must to start your trip at the visitor or information center when you are about exploring a park or forest. This is a good way to do a little research before you make a visit. Rangers are the local experts that they

So, you can plan for the epic adventure in Jasper National Park in four days. It seems amazing to ride a helicopter, goes for snowshoeing, rock climbing, ice climbing, and snowboarding. It is an awesome experience, especially if you come here in April. The locals even love April. It is

If you think that this is a doozy year, the hardest in your lives, it is better to think a lot about the way you rest and refuel. If you always have to deal with your moving to the new city, traveling all the time, make it good so you

Location: Little Goose Trailhead, Buffalo, Wyoming, United States Talking about Blacktooth Mountain, it is the second tallest peak located in Bighorn Mountain range. Even the summit is much more challenging compared to the tallest, the Cloud Peak. So, if you are advanced hikers, it is worth to visit! How To