The trails are available when the snow really melts. So, it is familiar for you to hear about the best slopes in Idaho’s Sun Valley if you are a snowboarder or a skier. The place is a great choice especially for those who love to spend more time in the

Located in the eastern Sierra, Mammoth Mountain will be the incredible basecamp to complete your adventure. Spending a night or two to enjoy the backcountry here will be the best place to escape. The wonderful alpine lakes, the dramatic peaks, and the chance to hike the sections of the popular

Utah offers amazing access, especially for outdoor enthusiasts. When you explore Utah, most cities and the state allow you to camp in the backcountry in just an hour. Utah is also the home for the incredible remote areas. If you have a schedule and ambition to start your trip in

Backpacking to California, the memory will last for your lifetime with the alpine lakes, the granite boulders around the Aloha Lake and the oasis with the granite walls as the fence. Those are the best views hen you spend your night at the Waterfall Camp. Besides, summit Price and Aggasiz

What comes to your mind when you think of Colorado? Obviously, the outdoor places to explore. This is the majestic state and the views in Colorado for all hikers are one of the best on earth. You can do many things like climbing the grand mountain peaks, walking around the

Oklahoma is the state that is full of natural beauty for hikers. The mesas, rolling grasslands, sparkling lakes, towering cliffs, and scenic places are the main reason why the place is always inviting for outdoor enthusiasts. In fact, the hiking trails in Oklahoma are exciting because of the various options

With more than 65 miles of beautiful trek, there is no reason to skip the trail as your next trip. If you are one of the backpackers with so many places you wish to visit and hike, Iceland should be on the list. We are sure that in this post,

Who says that hikers should not visit Virginia, the place that is full of lovers? Wrong! In fact, there are many spectacular views to check out. For example, the western border, the oldest mountain destination, history, and beauty are the best words to describe Virginia. In addition, Virginia is the