Summer offers you nice weather, great views, and no muddy trail that makes it perfect to spend your time to enjoy some outdoor hikes. Whether you want to do rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, and anything, it is important to concern on your outdoor preparation and physical condition. It is

Flying over the mountains with your pilot look at you and ask you whether you are ready to fly the plane or not. Once your hands on the control, you cannot believe that this is going to be your most spectacular experience in your lifetime. You can see the ocean,

Located at the Great Basin National Park, your eyes may need a few seconds to adjust the darkness with the unique formation and the complete stillness around you. No sounds unless the water dripping in the distance. This is a great cave you will never find in any other places.

1. Big Bear Discovery Center It is a must to start your trip at the visitor or information center when you are about exploring a park or forest. This is a good way to do a little research before you make a visit. Rangers are the local experts that they

So, you can plan for the epic adventure in Jasper National Park in four days. It seems amazing to ride a helicopter, goes for snowshoeing, rock climbing, ice climbing, and snowboarding. It is an awesome experience, especially if you come here in April. The locals even love April. It is

Saguaro National Park offers a beautiful look located in Tucson, Arizona. The two districts make you get enough chance to enjoy the majestic Saguaro Cactus that becomes the cover of the park ground. The park is so unique and different from other national options. The area makes you able to

If you think that this is a doozy year, the hardest in your lives, it is better to think a lot about the way you rest and refuel. If you always have to deal with your moving to the new city, traveling all the time, make it good so you

Day hiking for each week is interesting that is good for exercising. Doing this way will also make you able to explore your hood. If you are notorious to leave things behind and losing them out in the middle of nowhere, the best thing to do is to put a