Here are 10 important Fact to know about the current Attorney General of California: Harris was born October 20, 1968 in Oakland, Calif. Her father, a native Jamaican, was an economics professor at Stanford University and her mother was a breast cancer specialist who emigrated from India. Harris was primarily

Standing under a frigid spray of water might seem like the last thing you should do when getting ready to start your day, but we promise you, the practice results in numerous health benefits. It may seem to go against our natural instincts, but foregoing warm baths for icy-cold showers actually has many benefits. Some

Many believe that a watch conveys a woman’s personality in a way no other accessory can, while at the same time accenting her femininity and beauty. Lovely, minimalist watches and large, ornate ones are each able to make a distinct fashion statement – depending on the woman’s personal style and

With the current transformation in technology in this century, smartwatches have not been left behind in trend. Nowadays, on a good day in the morning, it is very easy to spot most individuals having a smartwatch on their wrists, both men and women. This has arisen as a response to

So much more than just a way to tell time, a woman’s watch is also a statement and a piece of jewellery. So, while it must be functional, it also must be attractive. Although finding such a watch is no mean feat, the task becomes simpler with the help of

Until recently, the types of watches we had were quartz, mechanical, digital and automatic watches, but recent technological advancements have pushed watchmakers to come up with a new kind-smart watches. Smart watches, unlike their predecessors that had a primary function of displaying mainly time and date, they take the game

Can you handle acne scars quickly? Acne happens because of the changes in hormones, especially for teenagers. In fact, it can also happen in the family because of another condition, for example, Cushing’s Syndrome. If you think that acne comes because of eating too much greasy food, this is not

You can use coconut oil to solve some solutions such as a hair conditioner, a styling agent, a dandruff zapper, and a hair-growth stimulator. So, it is clear that coconut oil is what you need if you want to nourish your hair with the natural hair stimulator and sun protector.

On the Internet, you can find thousands of websites with a lot of information. In fact, you can use some simple shortcuts and tools that will simplify your user experience. These internet hacks will make you have fun to get a lot of information and to use your computer better