Looking for a way to exercise your creative self? What about a little creative repurposing? Part of what it means to be frugal is to creatively meet your needs without spending a lot of money. Repurposing is a win all round: your needs are met. You get to flex your

The growing consumption and steady increase in price of non renewable sources has forced people to look for alternative fuels that are available cheaply and can meet their growing demand for energy. Among the alternatives available, one of them is wind energy. Wind energy is one of the alternative sources of

When you feel that today is quite hot, you can make you feel cool by sitting under the shade of a tree. Meanwhile, you will feel warmer to stand by a wall on the cold and windy days. But, what you can you do to landscape your yard so your

One of the most irritable and unsightly things from shaving is razor bumps. If you find red and itchy bumps, it happens because bacteria infected the follicles. By the time, they will disrupt our way especially to do a clean shaving.  What can you do so you can shave with

Well, there are many hacks that will make you do almost anything easier such as saving your time, increasing your productivity, and others. But, have you paid attention to your body? Can you get rid of the itch in your treat? How can you prevent the brain freeze? If you

A Stuffy nose is not something fun. It is annoying and drippy that you can even help yourself unless to breathe through the mouth. Eventually, you cannot talk, or eat without breathing heavy and therefore, your physical activities become tough. The constant blowing, the red skin, the irritation, and everything

Every month, our hair will grow for about a half an inch. Even though the generic factors can determine the difference, this point does not create a significant difference. What is the formula to speed up the hair growth? Well, there is no evidence based on science. If you see