Whether you’ve got a sprawling lawn and extensive garden, or a relatively compact space to work with, you’ll surely find something here that captures your imagination. The more natural, subtle ideas are often our favorites because they often sneak into our view with a fresh sense of surprise.
Another common element with these ideas is that they all appear seamlessly woven into their respective environments. There’s nothing out of place or stylistically incoherent about these gorgeous gardens and backyards.
One of the biggest compliments that can be paid to an elaborate backyard garden setup is that it looks to have been all designed together in one cohesive sprint. Each element perfectly complements the others in a fluent language.
With subtly gorgeous projects like the ones we’ve shared below, that goal is easily attainable. Without further ado, let’s get on with these fantastic backyard garden ideas!


We love garden boxes because they’re not only functional, they add a fresh layer of beauty to any garden. First of all, they’ll raise your plants and frame them in a handsome fashion while keeping them protected from trampling feet and even water damage during heavy rain.
We showed you an example of stone walking paths already, but this idea is all about flaunting the stones rather than sinking them discreetly into the lawn. The project above set the broad circular stones into a pebble garden, where they appear to float over the surface, but you could set yours onto the soil or other types of ground as well.
We absolutely love garden ponds, so of course we had to include one in this list of favorite backyard garden ideas! A garden pond takes a lot of hands-on work, so you’ll either need time and materials or the money to pay someone to do it. But one glance at the image above shows just how completely the results justify the effort. There are a thousand ways to craft a pond in your backyard, but only you know how to best shape one.
Sometimes bright colors and contrast are just what’s needed. The best part of this particular project is that they matched the shade of the gorgeous flowers with the benches, making for a truly cohesive accent to the garden. The leggy geraniums are a beautiful addition.
A full garden is a happy garden, no? It sounds about right to us. Everyone loves seeing a garden that’s absolutely flush with flowers from end to end, but taking it a step further ensures some spectacular results. Try patterning your colors, setting different plants against each other, and generally creating attractive layouts for your garden, so it looks like a single planned work of art!
Cool and creative garden concept
Making the most out of smaller spaces can be a baffling task. Nevertheless, this is the perfect time to get creative.
Cool and creative garden concept 1
Don’t be afraid to break the rules and use brilliant gimmicks to turn your modest space into an amazing oasis.
Cool and creative garden concept 1 2
Planting roses can isolate the patio from the lawn.
Cool and creative garden concept 1 23
A small garden is like an extension room. It’s a place for entertaining and relaxing.
Cool and creative garden concept 1 234
Even if you are not living in countrysides you can still have a fabulous garden in your own backyard.
Cool and creative garden concept 1 2345
A city garden is not only for planting but also for playing, relaxing and entertaining.
Cool and creative garden concept 1 23456
This is a combination of indoor and outdoor styles since it includes some shelving units.
Cool and creative garden concept 1 234567
Urban gardens are a popular trend all over the world. It promotes a better environment and healthier lifestyle.
Cool and creative garden concept 1 2345678
Even if you don’t have a yard, you can still enjoy having a garden. Bring nature into your home by growing colorful flowers on planters.
Cool and creative garden concept 1 23456789
This design can be easily obtained by taking care of your lawn and your flowers. This is the best place for enjoying some quiet time.
Cool and creative garden concept cool garden
You can create your own garden fantasy with a little effort and some creativity.
Cool and creative garden concept cool garden 1
A rooftop garden embellished with a mirror.
Cool and creative garden concept cool garden 12
This type of garden can easily attract birds, insects and even small mammals.
Cool and creative garden concept cool garden 123
Wildlife such as birds and butterflies can be exciting to have in your garden.
Cool and creative garden concept cool garden 1234
Excellent gardens must not only look good but feel good too!
Colorful blossoms are a representation of new life. While planting flowers seems like second nature, why cultivate a space that looks like every other garden? Try terraced flowerbeds, which offer layers of landscaping options. Better yet–mix blooms with interesting greenery for a modern effect, as shown in the image below.
cool amazing garden concept
Stones, concrete and horizontal wooden beams are common flowerbed borders, but what about vertical logs? Sometimes injecting a bit of the unexpected delights the senses. The height of the border and the silver-white hue of the wood are two eye-catching reasons to give this idea a try!
cool amazing garden concept 12
Speaking of unexpected, the patchy garden below combines low-lying blooms, lush vegetation and substantial rocks to create a feast for the eyes.
cool amazing garden concept 123
Don’t forget the power of an interesting container. The flowers below are an assortment of rich tones, but their careful arrangement is a work of art. Surprise yourself with some intentional planting and watch as your floral sculpture comes to life.
cool amazing garden concept 1234
Don’t forget to add height with tall plants and let some of the greenery spill over the edges. There can be many levels of detail to your arrangement:
cool amazing garden concept 12345
Trimmed hedges evoke the magic of an English garden. For a twist on this classic technique, try planting the shrubs inside of the flowerbeds, then tame them into sphere-like forms for a contemporary look that’s full of charm.
cool amazing garden concept 123456
Another way to add surprise to a garden is through contrast. Choose red-leafed plants for variety, and surround them with greenery to make their color pop.