There is no rule that you must have  large big garden to grow fresh herbs, vegetables, and fruits. In fact, it is still possible to grow these plants without even have a garden. Plant breeders know that really well. For home gardeners who want to have a high yield in

Ornamental grass can be the best way to enhance your garden. Whether you are growing in a large or small garden, choosing the right grass can add rich texture, contrast, and movement to your space. Eventually, ornamental garden is the best choice to add the same element throughout the four

You may have been waiting for the brutal winter to end and now you are going to plant. It is safe to pot up some anticipated annuals and tender perennials. For example, our best choice is Radiant Magenta Brachyscome. It is an adorable, pink and tiny daisy. It is also

Container gardening or growing plants in pots can be the simple alternative choice if you have no much space for traditional garden beds. You can even add these containers to give a portable display to your home landscape. The Benefits of Container Garden There are many benefits to offer. First,

Dealing with the clay soil is the real matters for gardeners in Mid-Atlantic. Of course, it should not make you stop gardening just because the soil does not work. Gardening in clay soil means that you should choose the right plants and add some organic matters. If you live in

When it comes to planting and gardening at home, adding trees and shrubs are a must.  It provides color, winter, and texture interest. Besides, trees and shrubs look great to complete Oklahoma and Texas landscapes. When you want to grow some of them, here are things to consider. Trees and

Do you live in Oklahoma or Texas? Or, perhaps you have some friends there that have to pull out their best efforts to grow some plants? Well, Oklahoma and Texas are popular for their icy conditions and even the extreme drought. Therefore, the gardeners in this region have to beat

Texas and Oklahoma gardeners should try to have long-lived fruiting plants during summer by growing them in containers. It is amazing to have some juicy strawberries, smooth figs, tart limes, and fresh blueberries? They are the nice fruits to grow in the backyard and even in containers. Strawberries Strawberries and