Chocolate, cream cheese, Oreos…oh yes. These are the perfect sweets to make this week with my kids while they’re on Spring Break. These irresistible Oreo turtle cheesecakes layer Oreos, cheesecake, nuts, chocolate chips, and caramel […]

The recipe starts by separating the Oreo cookies and the mint filling into two bowls. The cookies get mixed with some butter and sugar to form an amazing Oreo crust, and the mint filling gets […]

This is the Best pound cake recipe, as long as you Understand the Importance Of Creaming the butter and cream cheese together and then ADD the sugar and beat for 3 minutes until the mix […]

Most of the recipes for no bake vegan cheesecakes I have seen are nothing more than a cashew cream base that is then frozen and served semi frozen. Serves: 1-8″ cake Ingredients For the cheesecake: Vegan […]

This raspberry cheesecake icebox cake is light, satisfying, fruity, flavorful, and the graham crackers really do soften and take on an almost cake like texture.  Plus, the filling is pink so there’s that!  I love […]

This is technically a waffle and not a chaffle because it’s not made with cheese. This flour is unlike any other nut flour. It actually tastes like a real flour! The kind that has tons […]

You can enjoy the vegan zucchini brownies for dessert or breakfast. They are also great on the go or for school, travel, work! If you want to make the chocolate cake brownies even healthier and furthermore oil-free, simply […]

These cheesecake bars can be enjoyed frozen right out of the freezer, or slightly softened. If you prefer a softer texture, just let them sit for 10 minutes at room temperature. Ingredients: 1 1/2 cups raw cashews […]