Best Gardening Tips That Will Save Your Time

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We are sure that you love to spend your time on gardening, but what can you do when months are getting so busier for you? Well, it is the best thing to work smarter but not harder. If you use these tips, you can even maximize your time to work in your garden.
The key point about care-free lawn is at the roots. There should be less water, less fertilizer, and mowing. Here, you should improve the soil. To do so, start aerating and using the organic fertilizers are recommended. After that, you should check out that the grassroots can find the nutrients and water.
A mulching mower – It is great to leave the grass clippings on the lawn because you can gather them quickly and dumping the bags of the grass. In fact, leaving the cut grass means you are returning nitrogen to the soil so you don’t even need to fertilize as often.
Ground-level edging surface – Make curb at the same level as your lawn is what you should do. It makes you able to set the wheel of the mower to the curb as well as the edge of your lawn at the same time while you are mowing.
The high cut – So, the crew cut is something old. If you want to grow the type of grass, it is all about the way you set the mower highly. Do this and most lawns will be able to grow about two to three inches tall. Do this before removing the top of the one-third of the blades. Remember that the longer grass works to shade the roof with more leaf surface to make food. What you should do is watering, feeding, and mowing less.
Hiring – So, we understand that perhaps mowing your lawn is a boring job to do. That is not a big deal. You still can hire someone to do this job and use the gardening time to plant more perennials or harvest vegetables.

Gardening Flowers

To save the time and to enjoy the beautiful flowers, it is good to be more selective about what flowers to plant. For example, Dwarf and compact varieties can grow without staking. In addition, flowers like euphorbia, coreopsis, and hellebore will offer the long bloom seasons to give more energy investment for you.
Choose annual flowers – It is good to choose annual flowers since they don’t even need the dead-heading or the process to remove the faded flowers just to keep them blooming. You can plant impatiens, lobelia, and fibrous begonias.
Stiff and bulky plants – These plants are tall and floppy that you can grow them without staking. For example, it is something ideal to use the mounded shrub of potentilla to complete the hollyhocks and plant it in front of the hollyhocks. Otherwise, you can plant for marigolds just to support the tall snapdragons.
Set your bulbs – You will need plastic pots. What you should do is to rotate them in and out of the larger planters. Once the bulbs are blooming, you can replace them with the summer annuals easily and quickly.
Digging up and store – You can go with cannas, dahlias, and bulbs of glads. Nevertheless, you should cover them with the tarp as well as a 6-inch mulch of the leaves. This is the best way to insulate the plant. It works to keep the moisture from rotting and the cold from freezing the tropical plants. During spring, you can roll back to the protective tarp. Once you have completed the task above, you are only about waiting for the new growth.
Gardening Flowers

Gardening Vegetables

Who says that you must hire a farmhand just to tend the edibles? What you should do is to grow the things your family loves to eat and therefore, they will have more initiative to help you harvest the vegetables. What you should do is to mix the vegetables in the flowerbeds. Alternatively, you even can use pots with the flowers. This is better to make you easily locate the vegetables and tend them easily.
Growing asparagus, rhubarb, and perennial hers are the best edibles you don’t even need to replant them in any year.
When you are raising the beds, it means that you are lowering the maintenance. Why raised beds are great for vegetables? It is because the area can warm up sooner in the spring so that you only have to sit on the edge of your plants and start harvesting.
Besides, you even can plant more vegetables in less space such as the compact garden with less time to plant and to harvest.
Gardening Vegetables

Feeding, Watering, and Weeding Guideline

Great soil is great that even can prevent your plants from any problems. Therefore, we recommend you to improve the soil with compost and organic matters to supply more water and nutrients.
Feeding, Watering, and Weeding Guideline

More Gardening Hacks

Here are other tips about gardening hacks:

  1. Growing the undemanding perennials for years without division is perfect. For example, grow daylilies, peonies, and hostas.
  2. Grouping the thirsty plants together close to the water source makes it more efficient to help save your time and conserve water.
  3. The right plants should be in the right place. It is all about the demand of the plants. For example, do you think that your shrubs are blocking the windows? If so, you should move them, otherwise to lose them. You don’t even have to stick with these things.
  4. It is good to save your time to find the most used tools in your garage. You can even start your container gardens by using large pots. Adding the more soil to the pots will provide more food and water to your plants.
  5. It is possible to convert the old nightstand or the chest of drawers to make garden-supply storage for your patio or covered porch. You can transform your old furniture quickly by spray paint and stencils. After that, it is good to add garden-theme hand tools for the drawer pulls to add a charming look. Doing this way allows you to access the seeds and the fertilizer while using hooks on the side to hold hand tools.

More Gardening Hacks