Awesome Skiing Tips and Tricks For Beginners To Advanced Levels You Have To Try

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As someone who loves skiing, we know that there is always ways to improve my skiing ability, and therefore maximize our fun and enjoyment of the mountains every season. From short turns and carving over park skiing to waist-deep powder: It only takes a small break-through in your technique to put a smile on your face!
Gliding down a mountain through virgin powder with the sun glistening on surrounding snow covered peaks, all topped with a deep blue, clear sky, has got to be one of the most incredible feelings on earth.
In this piece, you will find a list of various tips to help get you started in your new winter mountain sport. We will cover everything from the things to master first before you conquer the slopes.
Awesome Skiing Tips and Tricks For Beginners To Advanced Levels

The Basics

Gravity – This takes you from the top of the mountain to the bottom in the most direct route. This isn’t always the safest or most desirable route so being able to steer and stop are key!!
Balance – snow is slippery! Trying to balance whilst sliding down a mountain isn’t easy! You need a stance that is comfortable but stable on the move.
Dress Code – Stay warm! It is best to check the weather forecast every morning before you get dressed to make sure you keep warm and can see!

  • Sunglasses for the sun, goggles for the shade/cloud!
  • Don’t wear a cotton under layer or you’ll get cold! Have a thermal layer next to your skin.
  • Use layers of clothes, not big jumpers – it keeps you much warmer!
  • Only wear one pair of socks – more will actually make your feet colder!
  • Make sure your outside layer is waterproof – especially your bottom half!
  • Make sure you have lots of pocket space! You can take off layers when you get hot and carry extra ones in case the temperature drops…

Protect your skin – from the sun, wind and cold! Snow reflects the suns rays which is great for tanning but you don’t feel its power so pack plenty of sun cream. Some sun cream also coats your skin in a protective layer which stops wind and cold burn too…
Run/trail color coding – All pistes are given a color code which reflects their difficulty! Green slopes are the easiest, then blue, red and blacks are the most difficult. Ski with care and don’t dive in the deep end first thing in the morning or late afternoon!
Insurance – accidents can happen. Make you sure you get travel insurance that includes winter sports cover.
Here Are Skiing Tips For Beginners To Advanced Levels You Have To Try

Ski Tips – Beginner Lesson

If you are a beginner you need to learn this lesson, Ski instructor Mike Ratcliffe teaches a few basic exercises for beginners.

How To Ski Tips – Skiing With Confidence

Learning how to ski confidently is an important skill. Confidence is something that skiers of all levels have to deal with as there are often conditions and obstacles that may challenge us.

Carving – Seven Deadly Sins (Parallel Skiing Tips)

Carving is the holy grail for many skiers, in this skiing lesson, ski instructor Darren Turner ( ) looks at the 7 most common problems associated with carving to help you identify your problems and help you learn how to carve on skis.

Freestyle Skiing Tips

So you think you’re ready to try freestyle on your skis? Then you’re in the right place, because before you take that first plunge into the park you need to make sure you have mastered the basic manoeuvres and moves you will need.

Foot Rotation / Hockey Stop – Tips for Intermediate Skiers

Foot rotation is a very important skill that can be used in a vast number of situations, especially as you advance.

How To Make 5 Easy SKI Tricks Cool

You will learn how to make 5 easy ski tricks look really quite cool. By making small changes to how you make these tricks today you can perhaps manage to impress both your friends and the opposite gender. 1. How to shifty tail drag on skis 2. How to ollie 180 and tail drag 180 3. How to make switch 180s on skis cool 4. How to lazy boy 180 5. How to make nollies real cool.

Intermediate Ski Lessons – Keeping Skis Parallel

Are you skiing parallel but still having to do a quick step during your turns? Learn to ski the right way. In this ski lesson Darren Turner, presenter of the Ski School series of Apps talks about what he calls the “Two Step”, explains that it’s a bad habit, not a ski technique, why it happens and how to avoid it in your parallel turns when skiing.

5 Fun SKI Tricks To Do In Powder

You will learn 5 easy ski tricks to do in powder. Learning these freeride skiing tricks will make your skiing much much more fun. Enjoy learning how to do these 5 rather easy tricks on skis.

Advanced Ski Technique – Skiing Stacked

Ski Instructors often use the term ‘skiing stacked’ when talking about body position in ski technique. In this advanced ski lesson Darren Turner, presenter of the Ski School series of Apps for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad explains what ‘being stacked’ means and tells you how it will improve your skiing – not only when carving but off piste, in powder and crud too. Learn to ski the right way.

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