This is a great grab ‘n go breakfast, but also has that wow factor to impress family and friends! It’s one of those “what if I did this….?” recipes when I was making some cheese muffins […]

This baked beans recipe is extremely healthy and has a great depth of flavour due to 2 extra (simple) steps that most baked beans recipes do not have. This recipe can be made using either dried […]

Crispy cheesy outsides, fluffy insides with pops of ham, these pancakes are an outrageously delicious way to use up leftover Christmas Ham though of course you can use store bought or even bacon. Using this […]

Truly, these fritters are incredible, whether you use fresh, frozen or canned corn. To be honest, I normally use frozen corn – it’s just irresistibly convenient – but as with anything made using fresh rather than canned […]

It’s America’s answer to the French classic French Monsieur! Monte Cristo is America’s answer to the French classic Croque Monseur. Most commonly made with ham, but also found made with turkey and other sliced meats. […]

It has all the flavours of a country breakfast fry up, in casserole form. The bread under the surface is custardy and tastes like a savoury French Toast. Almost like an Omelette. And the bread poking […]

These are made a little differently to the usual hash browns. Classic hash browns are made very simply with shredded potato, butter, salt and pepper, then pan fried in (plenty of) oil until beautiful and […]

That’s how you turn the ordinary into extraordinary. I mean, look how crispy these are!! Not that there’s anything magic about this recipe. Because you know just as well as me that any combination of […]

It’s terrifically easy – so you can manage this half asleep or even if you’re feeling sketchy after a few too many wines the night before (let’s all just admit that Maccers is excellent hangover […]