We are entering the new era of human evolution, and it is not a dream to colonize Mars. Well, not anymore. Can you believe it? Does it possible to us to land on Mars, the big, cold and lonely rock that spins through the endless void, 54.6 million kilometers away.

Summer! It is the nicest thing we miss every year. Despite getting the warm weather, you can catch tans too. However, summer leaves uncomfortable feeling on your skin which is the major sunburn after bathing under the sun too much. Of course, it is painful and you will be scared

What makes astronomy is still so popular compared to chemistry or biology is because astronomers can show us the sweet pictures of their telescope and the size of building. Therefore, it is a little bit difficult to start making any competition with them. Best of all, most astronomers throughout the

Here are 10 important Fact to know about the current Attorney General of California: Harris was born October 20, 1968 in Oakland, Calif. Her father, a native Jamaican, was an economics professor at Stanford University and her mother was a breast cancer specialist who emigrated from India. Harris was primarily

Standing under a frigid spray of water might seem like the last thing you should do when getting ready to start your day, but we promise you, the practice results in numerous health benefits. It may seem to go against our natural instincts, but foregoing warm baths for icy-cold showers actually has many benefits. Some

Many believe that a watch conveys a woman’s personality in a way no other accessory can, while at the same time accenting her femininity and beauty. Lovely, minimalist watches and large, ornate ones are each able to make a distinct fashion statement – depending on the woman’s personal style and

If you want to have the beautiful views of blooming plants and flowers during spring, it means you have to plant the right plants during fall. The perfect candidates, in this case, are hardy bulbs and perennials. It is worth to spend more time on extra work during autumn when

Once you look up toward the pass right in front of your eyes, it can be hard to tell your feeling. 50% is because the views amaze you. Meanwhile, the remaining 50% makes you feel fear due to the steep climb. Once you go on your way up, you should

Turn the corner and see the giant staples along the granite. It is a jaw-dropping experience that you are about climbing the rungs. Take a deep breath and move your clips onto the steel cable. Now your turn and start your ascent. All About Via Ferrata It is Italian which