We are entering the new era of human evolution, and it is not a dream to colonize Mars. Well, not anymore. Can you believe it? Does it possible to us to land on Mars, the big, cold and lonely rock that spins through the endless void, 54.6 million kilometers away. Even it is cool to hear that we are going to build small bases, research labs, houses, biodomes, and even cities.
Even though Mars is still a long way away right now, but it is much closer than you may think. How can this thing happen? Well, here is the answer.

10. Risk Insurance

One, the big problem that faces our humanity is that we feel we are always fine and safe all the time on this planet. But, it can be a big illusion. It is possible if a meteor comes along and wipes us out in a second. It is ridiculous but that is logic. Until today, humans are the intelligent life in this universe, so it is our responsibility to spread out to deal with the power of meteor.
This argument even strikes on Elon Musk’s mind. Therefore, we need to colonize Mars as the best way to answer the risk insurance. This thought is quite powerful that SpaceX is ready to send up the manned craft to Mars by 2022 just for this reason.

9. The Challenge

If we can go to Mars, it will be the biggest challenge humans should deal with. But, what is the more difficult challenge than that? Building a permanent base on Antarctica!
But, humans are always like that. We do foolish things like climbing a mountain that could kill us just for announcing that we could reach the top. We did something for our pride. Humans love to challenges like doing crazy ones, including setting up a base on Mars.

8. The Nations and The Competition

We need to say that landing on the Moon was one of the biggest ways to waste money in US History. Believe it or not, the entire program of Apollo spent $110 billion in today’s dollars. What about Mercury and Gemini, the earlier programs?
What do they need to find, here? Surely it is all about the sense of prestige and national pride. At that time, Neil Amstrong stepped on the lunar surface that made the US got everything they wanted. So, the Space Race has been there since a long time ago. China, for example, has declared that they can land on Mars in the next decade. NASA, on the other hands, wants to send his man on Mars by 2030. India is sending its satellites and probes. Everyone is fighting for the prestige.

7. Technology

Talking about mars, it is 182 times the distance from Earth as the Moon. It means we need to fly for over six months. Also, we have to deal with the cosmic rays. To land on Mars, we need to deal with the gravity and the atmospheric conditions that are quite different from Earth’s. In short, this mission sounds impossible without killing the astronauts. On the other hands, we have all the technology to get there.
SpaceX has been flying payloads for NASA to the ISS and they have tested some of their technologies on the side. They have been doing it at the distance of 40 km to 70 km above our planet’s surface, where the atmosphere mimics the conditions on Mars and they did it successfully, even repeatedly. So, we already have the ingredients.
How to deal with the cosmic rays? NASA has its technology to remove about 33% of the risk. They believe that further research and development will increase this technology.

6. Mars Is Habitable By Using Our Technology

Christopher McKay and Robert Zubrin are the aerospace experts. They wrote that humans can do a drastic modification of Martian conditions by using 21st-century technology. It means they believe that it is possible to start terraforming Mars by using our technology.
What is terraforming?
It is about changing a planet so it is like Earth. This is the only way to make the planet is habitable. We can trigger a deliberate greenhouse gas effect that will melt the ice at the poles. To make the atmosphere denser, we need to release the load of CO2. In addition, we can trap more heat and energy from the sun. Here, we will have liquid water to start planting. After terraforming Mars for a few centuries, it is possible to make the atmosphere is breathable as that on Earth.
The end result would be a planet that looked like Earth, was warm enough to not kill us and with a bearable pressure. The air wouldn’t be breathable, but even that could change. A few centuries after terraforming, Mars could have an atmosphere as breathable as that on Earth.

5. There is Water There

The main ingredient we need to live in water. If there is no water, we cannot continue the deal. Fortunately, Mars has it. It has lots of ice. NASA has discovered a single ice deposit containing as much water as the whole of Lake Superior. The water will never run out so that it is safe for million or so people living on Mars.

4. Mars Probably Has the Minerals

Of course, we need more than water when we want to build a habitable city on another planet. Some construction materials are necessary such as minerals. Even though at this time there is no data about the large ore deposits, but NASA has identified the mineral deposits on Mars is quite high. Likely, Mars has Nickel, platinum, copper, titanium, silicone, and iron along with clay to make pottery and porcelain. If you put them all together, you will be able to build some complex stuff.

3. The Idea Has Big Backing

Elon Musk is the key to push the private space exploration through his company, named SpaceX. Here, he has created huge technological solutions to step forward and start colonizing Mars. Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos with his private company, Blue Origin is possible to get millions of humans into space and live on the other planets.

2. Technological Change on Earth

Many people said that we should focus on the current problems on Earth, instead of colonizing Mars. But, what if we can improve the lives of billions of people on Earth, by going to Mars?
It is possible if all unexpected stuff can lead to the process of landing on Mars. Just like the case of how NASA technologies have given us everything such as modern firefighting gear, portable vacuum cleaner, to grooved tires.

1. Destiny

So, when we have space and minerals that everyone can enjoy as the new future, it is great to call it destiny.
If you think that the destiny here is like the European settlers kill the Native Americans, it would not be. It is because Mars has no native population at all, even the solar system. So, humans can expand without violence and prejudice.