This sandwich evolved from our spectacular Keto 90 Second Bread French Toast Recipe, which is superb all on it’s own. Another great option for a simple breakfast plate! This recipe is so simple and easy, […]

This recipe is also great for a rotisserie style chicken.  I will sometimes pick up a chicken already cooked like this from Costco and turn it into a casserole or skillet bake recipe like this.  […]

This is quick, achieving that accustomed depth of flavor, without spending many hours to create. Even the kiddos will be begging for more of this rich and creamy dish, because it has PLENTY of spices- […]

Human and their intelligence is the evidence that they can do what they want, including landing on the moon. It is not something surprising to hear that now, many research has a strong ambition to […]

Until recently, the types of watches we had were quartz, mechanical, digital and automatic watches, but recent technological advancements have pushed watchmakers to come up with a new kind-smart watches. Smart watches, unlike their predecessors […]