The Lake George Area, nestled in the southern foothills of the Adirondack Park, is in prime camping country. Seasoned nature enthusiasts and novice pioneers flock to the region annually to take a deep-dive into open air life. Outdoorsy adventurers pitch their tents on the islands of Lake George, where the

Extraterrestrial life is still a hot topic to talk about. Even u to 150 years human have been working on it to find the truth but ended up with no clues. It is hard to find the scientific proof that someone has tried so hard to call us. But, there

Probably the universe will always give the never-ending mind-boggling parts. It will never be enough to understand how the universe work until the rest of our life and mankind after we die. It shows a lot of mysteries that many theories cannot explain clearly how the universe works. However, it

You may get startled when you love your dog so much that one day, you see a black spot on his tongue. Does he suffering from dangerous illness? Does it mean he is pat Chow? What should you do? Can you remove the spot? Why your dog? With a lot

There is no rule that you must have  large big garden to grow fresh herbs, vegetables, and fruits. In fact, it is still possible to grow these plants without even have a garden. Plant breeders know that really well. For home gardeners who want to have a high yield in

Ornamental grass can be the best way to enhance your garden. Whether you are growing in a large or small garden, choosing the right grass can add rich texture, contrast, and movement to your space. Eventually, ornamental garden is the best choice to add the same element throughout the four

You may have been waiting for the brutal winter to end and now you are going to plant. It is safe to pot up some anticipated annuals and tender perennials. For example, our best choice is Radiant Magenta Brachyscome. It is an adorable, pink and tiny daisy. It is also