Theoretical physics are complicated and that is its reputation. If we can write down the natural laws in mathematical form, it means the laws are simple. This is quite different from other scientific disciplines. Sadly, solving the equations is not always simple. For instance, we have a nice theory that

Some of you might experience terrible mood swing. No matter what the causes are, you still can lift your spirit with some food! Yes, but not junk food. There are certain foods that contain anti-depressant properties so this can give you some happy feeling and relaxation at the same time.

The common matter when it comes to a dog is his hair. His hair is almost everywhere. Even though you have a few Huskies, this is still a problem to deal with. It is challenging to make your house clean and free from fur with the dog inside your home

It is great for your dog to have a default dog sitter like your dad, or your family member. When you decide to hire someone else, you should let your new dog sitter to know about your dog, such as his habits and quirks. So, before you find a dog

If we have to talk about what is the great exercise to a dog, it is swimming. Well, it is a fun exercise with low impact. Your dog can stay cool even though he has to exercise on the hot days. Like everything else, of course, there are a few

The secret of losing weight is always the same that is about eating less and exercising more. Nevertheless, that is not always as simple as we can say. Nevertheless, if you can break it down into some smaller goals, it sounds easier to manage. Just like humans, there are many

Do you want to look to get a new dog? Well, it is important to make sure first about a dog that can fit in your lifestyle. What you must do is to go to a local rescue. By visiting there, you will get the first-hand knowledge related to your

The common answer to lose weight is to eat less and to exercise more. Well, the truth is not as simple as that. If we want to lose, it means we need to burn more calories compared to we consume. The weight loss is more about how to find the