The cake is delicious and the cream cheese frosting is divine. These would be perfect for a party, however I think if I made these again, I would make them into triangles or squares and […]

The ingredient list to strawberry pretzel salad is pretty short. Short = Easy! A salty pretzel crust, tangy cream cheese filling, and sweet strawberry topping. This quick and easy strawberry pretzel salad is a classic […]

This six-minute dessert is full of fruity flavor. After mixing lime curd and sour cream, simply spoon it into the graham cracker pie crust and top it off with whipped topping and lime slices. CAL/SERV:313 […]

This Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie is the ultimate indulgence. It has everything I love in a dessert: squishy texture and rich flavor. Why make just a pumpkin or pecan pie for the holidays, when you […]

Key Lime Pie, one of my absolute favorite desserts. I made these for a special someone who just loves key lime pie! They turned out beautifully and so rich and delicious. Serves 12 25 mins […]

Traditional carnitas are cooked in oil or lard. I put a different spin on these by smoking the pork butt and then tossing it with a citrus and garlic sauce and crisping it up in […]

This is a winner. I used thick boneless pork chops, totaling 1 lb, and cooked a couple of minutes longer. Also almonds in place of expensive hazelnuts. Otherwise, followed the recipe exactly. The only element […]

Every cake baking adventure starts with a good vanilla cake! It’s the universally loved cake flavor that acts as a great canvas on which to build other flavors. Ingredients: Vanilla Cake 4 oz unsalted butter […]

This dairy-free and egg-free chocolate cake recipe is so easy, I know you’re going to be amazed. I think it’s a great opportunity to get those reluctant cooks and even the kids in the kitchen for this. […]

You can enjoy the vegan zucchini brownies for dessert or breakfast. They are also great on the go or for school, travel, work! If you want to make the chocolate cake brownies even healthier and furthermore oil-free, simply […]