So, what is consciousness? How does it work? What is quantum mechanics? Can you explain these things? Richard Feynman, the popular American physicist explained about the notorious puzzles as below: “I cannot define the real problem, therefore I suspect there is no real problem, but I am not sure there

When we are talking about science, it is the best way to answer the question, “how?” But it can be confusing when scientists talk about “why?” This word is so true. As you may know, it is the meaning of what Erwin Chargaff a biochemist had quoted a long time

The future is unpredictable. No one knows what is going to happen in the near future, unless if you are god or time traveler. Giving your prediction about the look in the future is totally different from guessing. There are some possibilities about what is going to happen if we

In some seasons, flu or cold might be so brutal! Personally, I don’t really like taking over-the-counter medicines. Instead, I always have homemade cold and flu remedies in hands. The reason is, medicine has side effects and I simply don’t know what goes in the syrups or pills. Just in