What Mindful Parenting Looks Like Caitlin Turpyn and Tara Chaplin of George Mason University tried to investigate this relationship directly in another recent study, by bringing parents and kids into the lab to look at their real-time interactions. Here, parents who’d reported on their levels of mindful parenting were asked to

Quantum physics likely suggest to us that particles are lack of basic properties such as the definite location. There is an idea that nature is inherently probabilistic. So, particles have hard properties and this idea becomes the standard equations of quantum mechanics. Surprisingly, there is a new set of experiments

The beginning of the story about Marvel Universe was about the one omnipotent being. He was the one who created the universe. The Big Bang was then followed by the existence of celestial beings. The universe started to split off into the multiple universes. Now, it is not something too

For all moms, having essential oils in your drawer in a must! I highly recommend it because you can make so many things, including varieties of sprays such as bug sprays, room sprays even makeup sprays. Besides, essential oils many everything possibles which is I don’t need to read the

While humanity has been looking at the stars since ancient times, only recently have we made incredible strides in understanding of outer space. Using math, telescopes, and satellites, we continue to learn about the universe surrounding our little blue planet. Still, there’s so much more to learn and plenty we

Neil Armstrong was the first man who could reach on the moon. On the other hands, the United States declared that they were the winner for the Space race. In fact, it was more than just having a competition to become the first on the moon. There were still many

Owning a garden is a luxury! You can have peace of mind. But if you are not sure what to grow, some varietals that can be your herbs tea or maybe food are a good idea. So, if you have an upset stomach, stress, allergies or cold, just run to

So, the universe is so unpredictable which gives us a number of questions. However, it doesn’t stop us from trying. After all, we love contemplating about problem and mysteries. Here are 10 of them! ET, Space, Humanoid, Extraterrestrial and Alien Well, it has been questioned for decades. On the internet,